Wyze Cam v3 Firmware and Wyze Bulb Color Firmware Released! - 5/5/21

Happy Wednesday, Forum Friends!

Wyze Cam v3 firmware and Wyze Bulb Color firmware are releasing! This has the final piece for being able to use custom detection zones for Wyze Cam v3, spotlight improvements, and experience improvements. :grin:

Read our Release Notes:


All day today after yesterday’s update my camera has been sending me Person detection alerts every time a Vehicle drives by. I also watched a person walk down my street that usually gets a notification and it didn’t send it to me or even create an event for it. I do love the new detection zone grid though.

Hi! Ever since the v3 update zone detection does not work. It worked fine before and the new zone detection worked fine on my v2 (which i didn’t know was getting the custom ‘draw a zone’ setting weeks before v3).
Anyway, now so long as I have zone detection turned on: zero events are recorded or detected. Even if I draw the zone as big as can be. Cam only records or detects on v3 if zone detect is off entirely. Is this a known issue or might there be something off with mine? Anyone else? Thanks!

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Ever since this update my camera is either very slow to connect or won’t connect at all and hangs at “Authenticating 2/3” or the step after.

Just noticed that my Wyze outdoor cam has gone in the dark after latest update. Already tried rebooting. Have a solid blue light on base and cam. Not connecting in app. I have taken the camera and placed beside dock and still no connection. Getting tired of the constant issues after every update. Any tips greatly appreciated.

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The motion detection grid is awesome and long awaited. Thank you. Though it would be nice to have a choice between the grid and the original resizable box. Since the grid is static, there are situations where a resizable box is preferable.

For example if you are trying to remove motion detections from above a fence (or object) 30-40’ away. The grid boxes are large for this distance, so you might be either way above the object or way below it. With the resizable box you can narrow it down to be exactly where you want it, and not be constrained by a grid.

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Yea this bricked all of my v3 cams…glad i have invested in so many of your products.

Tried to manually flash it, can’t get the QR to scan on my phone (a common issue with every phone from the large ones to the small ones I have had). Got the code to scan on my tablet, won’t connect to my network, the same network it did before the update and which my other wyze stuff is all connected to and working with currently.


This release has changed my video quality. It is sooo grainy. Day or night. Please help.