Wyze Cam v3 & Plug Outdoor firmware Beta testing 3/29/2021


Firmware Version: 4.0.36. 290


  • Added support for custom motion detection zones


Firmware Version: 1.2.0. 93


  • Fixed a group control bug
  • Fixed a sunrise and sunset scheduling bug

This is a great update for the V3. I’ve been waiting for this since I got my first V3!

It automatically converted my previously set detection zone basically exactly to the new grid. I expected it would be off a little based on the grid locations, but it translated pretty much exactly to what I had set up. Apparently I only had a detection zone set up on one of my V3’s.

Did anyone have the update change their detection zone area to be different from what they had setup with previous method, or did all of yours convert to the new grid accurately too?

It’s nice to be able to add small areas that wouldn’t work right with a single rectangle.


I echo the same. Something I have been needing with my Driveway Camera.


I ran some boundary tests, it appears to be functioning accurately for me.

The app would not allow me to submit test videos with any tags still, but the boundaries appear to work accurately.

Did not yet test whether AI is analyzing the entire video or only analyzing the detection zone (as is reportedly being worked on).

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Hmmm. I don’t have .290 on IOS beta. Is it just me?

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Anyone seen the outdoor plug firmware show up? I haven’t seen it on mine yet. If not, wonder if it got pulled?

I still don’t see the Outdoor Plug FW update. My version is currently at The outdoor plug does not show up in the Beta program list under about, nor does it show up in the Firmware Update section under account.

Has anyone else been able to get the Outdoor Plug update?

I was more interested in the Detection Zone of the V3 and glossed over the Outdoor Plug FW Update… :slight_smile:

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@Simple @spamoni4 I think @WyzeTeam has accidentally neglected to include the Outdoor Plug in the new beta program entirely, so none of us can even select it to be enrolled to be able to receive the beta firmware for it.

Here is a list of all the products I can enroll in beta, you will notice there is no option for the Outdoor Plug (even though I do indeed have one), thus I cannot get the beta firmware.

Looks like Wyze needs to update the app to enroll the outdoor plug into the beta program in order for us to test out that firmware. That is my theory as to why we are not receiving any beta firmware updates for it, only production firmware updates.

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Yep, I see the same thing. The last update seemed to work when I went into the Plug Device Info and selected the FW Version. This time nothing,

However, it may have been another Wyze Product. :slight_smile: But pretty sure it was the Outdoor plug

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I tried that method too, and it just updated me to the previous firmware build, but not this new one.

Interestingly, if I go to Account - Firmware update, that will show me nearly every device and whether it is up to date, but the Outdoor plug is not even listed at all in that area, though every other devices is at least listed there.

This indicates there are still some bugs to work out related to the outdoor plug being fully implemented into the GUI.

My detection zones were converted to boxes same as the single box. Much better. Have a grill on back porch that flaps in the wind. Now I can exclude it from detection zone :+1:t2:

Haven’t confirmed whether AI analyzes the whole image or just detections zone.

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Wyze has yet to move Outdoor Plug firmware update to the Account/Firmware Update page. To update the Outdoor Plug, select the Outdoor Plug on the Wyze app Home page > Select one of the 2 sockets. The app should pop up an available update dialog box. If not, select the Outdoor Plug on the Wyze app Home page > Select one of the 2 sockets > Settings (gear icon) > Device Info > Firmware Version (Check Update). It doesn’t matter which socket you choose, updating the firmware updates the Outdoor Plug as a whole:

Outdoor plug firmware update still doesn’t show up for me. Still shows up to date on screen shown above at .83

That does not work for mine, it does not recognize an update.

The only difference I guess at is that I have both plugs for the one device in a plug “Group.”

So perhaps if we group the 2 sockets for the same plug together, then it prevents the beta update somehow? I wouldn’t think that should make a difference, but it’s the only reason I can speculate why it worked for you and not me.

EDIT: Negative on the group theory. I just removed both plug outlets out of groups and tried again. It still does not recognize any update following the instructions you listed to make yours work (update to the new beta firmware).
Also tried force-stopping the app and reopening it (fixes other apps I have with similar issues), also tried logging out and back in - still does not recognize the new firmware is available.

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I figured out why mine works and yours doesn’t… I updated my outdoor plug using an Alpha app instead of the Beta app! Ooops! :rofl: So you are correct, the Beta app needs updating. If you are part of an Alpha test, see if your app let’s you access your outdoor plug.


To my great sadness, despite applying for every opportunity for a year now, I have never been chosen for any alpha/beta testing project.

There are so many awesome beta testers in my state (including mavens) that they’re already used to working with that I would just keep picking those same guys too. :slight_smile: No hard feelings at all, honestly, but sadly I doubt I’ll ever be chosen as they’d do better to use other slots to get more diversity in other locations for a better pool and just keep picking the guys they have here that they already know they love as testers to represent this area. It’s all good, I’d do the same thing in business in their position (of course I’ll keep applying for every opportunity anyway, just in case!).

Still thanks for the confirmation that there was something different going on. Maybe someone can make sure to flag the issue to let them know this should be addressed. I expect Wyze will resolve it in reasonable time. It’s fun to beta test to help figure these things out.


That’s what happens when you throw shade at Wyze and its products in this forum :grin:

Is there an area to apply to become an Alpha tester?

This is great news, I hope it is the grid-based detection zone located in V2 as shown in the image. This will help a lot for those false alerts, especially when the tree leaves are moving and the light at night from a car.

I am picking up more squirrels creating motion than prior to firmware for v3 … hmm :thinking: