Wyze Cam v3 firmware - Released 10/25/2023

Thank you for your patience! We’re releasing Wyze Cam v3 firmware today with a fix for the Detection Zone saving issues. :black_square_button:

:notebook: Read our Release Notes:


13 V3 cameras with New update not available via bulk update or individual cameras.

We usually post everywhere shortly before release so that users do not get it and can’t find the info about it. It should be available very soon.


Is there something I can do on my end to have the app check-in for this update? When I check within the app on the firmware update page there is nothing available.

I have one cam that must be updated manually. I was able to download the update and am going to update that cam now. For my other six it would be nice if I could update them via the app.

For the Cam v3, you can go to Settings > Device Info > Firmware Version > Automatic Update > toggle on and set options. Not sure if it works and can’t answer timing questions. If you turn it on for this update and don’t wish to automate future updates, don’t forget to disable after this update.

I have this option turned on for two v3 cams as a test. Waiting…

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Hmm, that option must be “on” by default? Maybe I set it to “on” long long ago and have since forgot?

The interesting thing is none of the camera I have ever automatically updated. I have always had to install the update once pushed to me. Maybe because I am in the app quite a bit throughout the course of a day?

The cam I updated manually is now able to save a detection zone.

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Yep. :+1:

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By the way, happy anniversary.

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The update is now being offered in the app.

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Thank you! :smiley:

Thanks for the heads-up! Going to check my auto-update cams.

Edit: Auto-update hasn’t kicked in. I’ll let them sit for 24 hours. I manually updated all other v3 cams.


Just checking to make sure this update did not break anything else before I broadcast it to my seven V3 cameras!
Does the return scroll position from the event viewer still work?

Yes, that issue is within the app itself. Nothing to do with firmware. :slight_smile:


Thumbs up and all of my v3 cameras are updated to As I always mention, I do not do anything complicated. LiveView of individual v3 cameras work well in the App. I don’t do Grouping, Detection Zones, Alexa and I leave Night Vision off.

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Just did a bulk update of my v3 cameras from the Firmware Updates Page. Everything went as expected and did not experience any issues.

I can report that the Discovery Zones seem to be working on the V3 again.

Great job Wyze.


All the V3 cam updates I did worked exceptionally well


Thanks for getting that quick fix out!
Thanks WyzeJasonJ for keeping us updated!

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such a nuance and landscape still not fixed on ipads, screen self rotates to portrait when viewing events. i guess you must have some powerful friends at wyze to get anything fixed.

let’s try:
battery cam pro goes offline after internet disruption
sd card playback slider does not show up from full screen live view

The detection zone issue is fixed but now anything that triggers in that detection zone does not trigger a notification. If you disable the detection zone, notifications work fine. If you enable the detection zone and walk right through it, no notifications.

Notifications are working for me with the detection zone enabled and on.

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