Wyze Cam v3 firmware - Released 10/22/2023

The main reason is they don’t care. I tried to get help from the live chat and from technical support. No one responds with correct information or don’t respond at all. I even sent emails to the cofounders of the company they don’t respond. Consumers beware! Don’t update unless you know things are working. Check forums and reviews. Quality control doesn’t exist for tech companies. They let their customers find the problems.


Yeah, when I called support yesterday they had no idea that this is a known issue. In fact, I received an email this morning from the support team asking me to waste a bunch of time by trying stuff I already went through on the phone and also submit a log. I did so and continue to wait for WYZE to issue a fix. The fix better not require a manual firmware update!

WYZE does not learn from its past mistakes. Just look how many versions of v3 firmware they have had to pull back. With WYZE founders touting 2023 as “the year of the camera”, I am beyond let down!

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Who wants to go through a manual downgrade when you have cameras installed in high places that require a ladder to reach? Not your problem, I know. And thank you for the info. It’s just extremely annoying to have to go through a laborious task for the sake of a “fix”.


Bugs in Wyze Cam v3 Firmware (

I was getting firmware update notifications on my Wyze App for my Wyze Floodlight since last week. Then I let it update the device on Monday evening. It didn’t come back. My troubleshooting showed that it was unable to connect to my WIFI after firmware update. So I did a round of manual flash with downloaded from Wyze website. Same result. Finally, I got my floodlight back online with, also downloaded from Wyze website. So I just want to let you know about that.

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We shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to do the downgrade! It should be an easy thing.


Exactly! Wyze doesn’t care about security. They never fully test their firmware updates and we end up suffering!

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I wish they would allow OTA firmware rollback for the last 2-3 previous firmware versions. Even just to the last one would be nice. I think they used to do this a long time ago on the V2 cams. I wonder why they stopped.


They don’t because Wyze doesn’t care about us. They are basically a Chinese backed company with that mentality. They put out sub par products and do minor adjustments based on the market.

Just an update to potentially save others some time associated with this troubleshooting step pertaining to the detection zone issue.

I completed deleted one of the cameras having the problem. I waited about 30 minutes and then added it back to the app. I set a detection zone and saved it. I then live streamed again, then checked the D-zone. Unfortunately, it did not save and problem persists.

In short, deleting and re-adding your camera to the app does not resolve the detection zone problem.

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That is good to know. I wonder if flashing the firmware makes a difference. I am guessing when they did internal testing, they likely flashed the firmware to the new version, and maybe that’s why they didn’t notice the issue from OTA updates. I’m totally guessing out of nowhere, but it seems possible. I wonder if you purposely flashed the camera to the new firmware if it makes it work right.

We have found the root cause of the detection zone issue and are working on getting a firmware out to fix it.


This particular camera always requires manual flashing if I want to update it. It was flashed yesterday manually. After which I discovered the D-zone issue. This has a lot to do with why I am so bothered by this. The issue has been well known, yet not a word on the release notes page, and I was able to download the update.

A simple note in the release notes (like they have done before) would have prevented me from downloading the firmware to begin with. With that I am glad I discovered the issue and then found one other v3 camera (of my 7) displaying the same issue. Those were all updated on Sunday via the cloud. Speaking of which, who releases firmware on a Sunday?

In short, manual flashing firmware to the current release can still result in the D-zone issue.


What about the lowered bitrate for playback?

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Great, only took 3 days to figure it out. Wyze is on a roll.

The jerky video v3 playback during the fall of 2022 helped me develop my Wyze update strategy. A year ago I had to manually flash back to firmware to eliminate the jerky video. Now I use my Backyard v3 as a test camera (since it normally only captures rabbits and cats in my backyard) to try new firmware. If all the functionality I require is there, then I update the rest of my v3 cameras.

Yes, I know I should not have to update this way, but this does help keep my satisfaction high using Wyze cameras.

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For those having the Detection Zone Issue, they just announced that the fix for it is going out today!


The only issue I am having with the upgrade on my galaxy s21 is that the event clip video will no longer play for my cam 3s. It will play for all other devices

Is the S21 on the same Wyze App version as your other devices?

They are all on the same app

Just a quick follow-up. My camera got automatic update to recently and it is working fine. Thanks to the Wyze Team for a quick fix.