Wyze Cam v3 firmware - Released 10/25/2023

There was still that lone single “pixel” in the upper left corner, once I de-selected that and saved, then the notifications started working.

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Ahh, you had me worried for a minute.

I just attempted this firmware update on my five v3 cams.

Three of them updated with no issues.

One of them gave me an “update failed” message and said connection was lost so I had to power cycle it. Once it came back online still with the old firmware, the second attempt to update it went through and now that one’s fine, too.

The final camera is refusing to update. I have tried six times to perform the update and every time it gave me the “update failed” message and went offline, and every time I had to go outside and power cycle it to get it back online. Each of the six attempts took about 10-12 minutes before it would crap out and fail. So, I’ve spent about 60-90 minutes trying to get this last camera done and after the sixth attempt, I just left it back online with the old firmware. I’m done, I’ve had enough for tonight. It’s back up and working, just still on the old firmware.

When I did the firmware update a few days ago (the “bad” one) I had a less severe problem just like this. One camera (ironically, not the same cam that’s giving me trouble this time) got very stubborn with me and it took me a few fails and power cycles before it ultimately went through. Tonight that camera updated fine and this other camera is just flat out refusing to accept this update for some reason.

I have two eero Pro 6 modems at each end of the house so each of the five cameras has access to a very strong robust wi-fi signal, so no issues there. And when I power cycle the stubborn camera it comes right back on and works fine again just as good as if it was two feet away from the modem without issue, just still on the prior firmware.

So that’s where I am right now. All five working fine, but one of them is still on the prior firmware and it’s refusing to accept the update, instead it just throws a fit and knocks itself offline requiring a power cycle in response to any attempt to update it.

It’s going to have to stay that way until I get more time to re-attempt and troubleshoot further if necessary. I’ve already wasted far too much time, effort and patience on it for one night. I thought it’d be a simple process. I would be wrong.

I really hate this. It should not be this kind of ordeal just to do a simple update.

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It’s been over 24 hours and my v3 cams set to auto update haven’t updated. Giving them 1 more day before declaring that auto-update either does not work or does not work the way we assume.


Do you see that is available in your App but not automatically updating itself? Or is not being offered to you in Device Info at all?

I have Automatic Updates Off while on 7071, but could see 7095 being offered to me in Device Info. I then updated each v3 individually.

I successfully updated 20+ v3 cams manually via Account > Firmware Update and Device Info > Firmware Version. Two Cam v3 cams are specifically set to auto-update in order to test the auto update feature.


Update to my previous post from last night…

Woke up this morning and just as I was about to get ready to leave the house for some errands, I decided to try to run the firmware update through the camera that refused to update multiple times last night (see previous post) just to see what would happen. If it still gave me trouble, I’d deal with it further when I got back home later.

The update sailed right through and successfully completed in a matter of a couple minutes like last night’s ordeal never happened. Was probably the fastest update of all 5 of the cameras.


So now all five cams are updated to the latest firmware, even the stubborn one, just took a long and much more rocky than expected road to get there. Don’t know why, just glad it’s over (this time…)


Set up a coupla new v3s without issue, they’re operating well.

Three firmware updates installed smoothly. (shipped with) (October 25, 2023)

Android app (December 19, 2023)

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Did you get the cams from :santa:? Never trusted that guy. :rofl:

With v3 firmware have they been sitting on a shelf from the Home Depot sale a year ago? I have a couple on my shelf which will have to go through the update process when I put mine inservice.

@Antonius @StevenA

Can’t blame Bad Santa. Looks like I bought them on a Prime Day in July. :slight_smile: