Wyze Cam OG Firmware Beta Test 7/27/2023

Version: 1.0.67

What’s New:

  • Added support for granular spotlight controls including setting schedules, adjusting the light timer, and activating the spotlight based on motion or sound triggers
  • Added support for Dusk (low light) and Dark (extremely low light) conditions to Night Vision Modes
  • Added support for Motion Warning under Camera Settings > Detection Settings > Motion Warning. Note: This requires Cam Plus for Person Detection
  • Added support for Smart Detection Events to only detect and record motion triggered by people, pets, vehicles, or packages. Note: This requires Cam Plus for object detection
  • Adjusted Night Vision to maintain color in darker environments
  • Bug fixes

Wow! Big updates!
Interesting that the firmware update determines the motion-AI detections when the detections are done in the cloud. I would’ve thought a cloud update would be all that is needed, but I guess the camera firmware must have an identifier to tell the AI which kind of detection to execute (stationary or motion), or else it goes to a separate AI server or something. Very interesting to me. Hopefully this experiment goes well!

I’m impressed that Motion Warning was added to these as well! I thought that was going to be a FLPro exclusive. That will be really awesome if it expands to more devices. The motion warning is really useful when linked to the HMS status. :+1:

I’m excited to hear everyone’s feedback on these.


Just updated from the bulk update page without issue.

Will test today


Interesting. I’m not seeing it yet on the 2.44.0 iOS beta app.

And I’m looking forward to seeing if it corrects an issue I had yesterday: I was getting bombarded with vehicle notifications from a truck parked in front of my house but well outside the detection zone.


I used Android. Did not check on iOS. I saw that before with other FW updates, not sure why that would be.

I was expecting the Dusk vs Dark to be similar to the V3 when in Auto night mode, but I am not seeing any ability to select Dusk vs Dark on either my iPhone with 2.44.0 (4) nor Android (2.44.0 (b317).

Did you do the firmware update on iPhone or Android? I’m not seeing it offered on iPhone beta.

From the bulk firmware update page on the Android. I saw your note about not seeing it on you iPhone.

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The Dusk or Dawn is under the Advanced setting:

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That’s what I was expecting. Not there. This is my only OG that is in Auto:

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Can you verify your Firmware version?

Also, have you tried restarting the camera, power cycle? The only additional thing I did was add an SD Card, but that should not have made a difference

Confirmed on all the OG cameras that they have firmware version 1.0.67. One of the cameras is normally locked in night mode, but I changed it to Auto, and the Dusk/Dark option did not appear. These first two do have 64GB uSD cards installed and set to continuous recording. The third OG is normally locked to daytime mode, but I changed it to Auto, and again, the Dusk/Dark option did not appear. This camera does not currently have a uSD card installed. My 4th OG is still in the box…
I’m 26 miles from the two cameras at home and about 35 from the one at the radio site, so no ability to power cycle them until tonight.
I should note that these are all OG-Tele cameras, but I would not expect the different lens would affect this function - but you never know…

Interestingly, my Standard OG shows the Dark / Dusk option. The Telephoto does not.

@WyzeAndy @WyzeJasonJ

Can either of you confirm that the OG Telephoto is supposed to have the Dusk / Dark Option?

My OG Standard shows the option but the Telephoto does not.



Cam OG 1.0.67 No Events

New beta software installed, set to detect and notify for a person but no event recorded. I recorded a photo (attached) and video from the SD card to show what should have been an event

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Update. 8/11/23. iOS
I restarted the CamOG, turned detection off, force closed the app, turned the CamOG detection back on, deleted all events for all cams for the day then retested. The Person event was recorded on both the Events page and on the CamOG’s events screen.

Update 8/24/23
CamOG 1.0.67 iPhone X.
App 2.45.0 (3)
The issue of no events and no notifications continues to be a problem. I could find no consistent cause or solution since last reported. I finally determined today that the app only records a “person” event and issues the “person” notification when the app is open and displaying a “live” view of cam. In all other situations, the SD card does record that a person has been detected and recorded on the card, but the app does not show an event nor is a notification sent. I have done everything I can to the app and to the cam to solve the problem. I did not delete the cam and reinstall it because it is mounted high on the house eve; however, I did cycle power many times with a smart plug.

Log 1154285

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