Wyze Cam OG and Telephoto firmware 1.0.67 - 8/14/2023

Wyze Cam OG and Telephoto firmware 1.0.67 is releasing with granular spotlight controls as well as Dusk and Dark light conditions. Cam Plus users can now utilize Motion Warning, and Smart Detection Events! :person_cartwheeling:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


Confirming that you are releasing the version that was released in beta a couple weeks ago that does not have the dusk / dark selection for the GO-Tele cameras?

Yes, this is the release that went to Beta a few weeks ago. I cannot verify exactly what it has for sure since I do not have an OG or Telephoto connected currently. As far as I am aware there are no changes that happened between the Beta and Production though.

My OG Tele DOES NOT have the dusk / dark selection after the firmware update with AUTO selected.

Iโ€™m not sure of the OG Tele, but the regular OG only shows that option if you select AUTO as the Night Vision mode. Even if you select ON, itโ€™ll not show those options until AUTO is selected. Hopefully thatโ€™ll explain it.

Correct - only in Auto do you get the selection of how to change modes. However, when this version was in beta a few weeks ago it was noted that the OG-Tele does not have the option al all.

I have finally confirmed the dusk/dawn settings are not supported with the Telephoto.