Wyze Cam OG and Wyze Cam OG Telephoto Firmware Released - 2/13/23

We’re releasing firmware for Wyze Cam OG and Wyze Cam OG Telephoto today! Both versions are 1.0.59 and improve image quality, low light performance, Event Video download success, and Playback as well as fixing other bugs. :owl:

Read our Release Notes:


Still checking for the firmware. :slight_smile:

Sounds promising. I sent back my OG cams because I hated the low-contrast, oversaturated look and the poor low-light performance. If it’s a FW issue instead of a hardware issue, this could fix two of my “strikes” against the OG.

Now, if only Wyze could FW-upgrade that infuriatingly-fussy, extremely-limited mount! :laughing:

Seriously, it kept loosening while I adjusted the camera, had no magnetism, was impossible to point in certain directions… that mount was the last straw for me.

One of the promo videos mentioned that mount saved Wyze a whopping 50 cents in manufacturing costs per camera vs. the vastly superior mount on the v3 – IMO that was a really bad tradeoff for the negative impact on user experience, initial impressions, etc.

They should’ve charged us $20.49 and included a proper mount if they had to.

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Updated! Rock on! :metal:

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How does the image and low-light performance compare to pre-update?

Just installed a new OG in my backyard, much closer to the WiFI router than older v2.
Setting it up was fine but Oh boy:

  1. Video lagging by a few seconds. I once counted 20s. Does not happen with older Cam v2.
  2. Strobe is not triggered by motion despite being enabled.

2.38.116 (latest?) firmware was installed.

I need help

Check your Cam Firmware again. What you posted looks to be a partial of your app version.

The image quality is more natural. Low light performance has improved as well.

oops…that was the plug-in version :slight_smile:
Firmware is the latest 1.0.59

Your OG is up to date.

I’m not sure about the live stream video lagging. Mine aren’t that far from my node though. But, the V2 has some of the best distance reception of the Wyze family. The OG not so much. It may be an issue with the strength of signal where it is located. It may need to be closer to the router \ AP \ node.

The spotlight is Motion Event Activated… Not Motion Activated. The Motion Sensitivity you have set will affect the activation of the spotlight. Also, since the spotlight is Motion Event Activated, I believe activating it is also subject to the 5 minute cooldown if you don’t have CamPlus assigned.

Thx for the suggestions.

After multiple restart it looks like the live video lag is gone. Will test at night. Wifi signal was/is strong and stable.

If the spotlight is not triggered by motion (I don’t understand your distinction between motion event and motion) I don’t know what it is for then. Motion sensitivity is set at 100% for now.

I have a feeling the (my) motion sensor is an issue. Lights indicators give a clue (should switch from blue to red during a motion event for example).

I will test again before returning or swapping it.

Oh, and I have Cam+ activated.

The distinction is between motion activated vs motion event activated.

When I tested this without CamPlus, the cam would only activate the spotlight when a motion event was activated and uploaded to the server. That is a Motion Event. Then, while within the 5 minute cooldown lockout, when Motion Events are restricted from uploading, it would not activate because it could not upload.

If the spotlight were just strictly motion activated, it would activate at all times regardless of the 5 minute lockout period.

A new firmware release has been issued, however many on Android can’t yet get it for some reason, so I can’t test if that has been changed in the new firmware.

But, since you have CP assigned to the cam, this is all a moot point since there is no cooldown on CP.

Everything seems to be working fine now (no lag and strobe working) but in my view the UI is not that very intuitive.
Per your comment on Motion Event vs, Motion it appears that the spotlight is working as expected when i enabled Motion (Event?) under a Filter setting. I do not even recall where that is

Thanks for the hints. Really appreciated.

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You aren’t the first to notice that. :shushing_face:

The Motion Event toggle that saves all uploaded Motion Events to the server is located in the Event Recording settings.

The Motion Event filter in the Events Tab that hides or shows those uploaded motion events is at the bottom of the filter list (funnel icon).

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I am familiar with the 1st one (which i thought was sufficient).
For the 2nd i originally thought the purpose was to filter out recordings viewings per motion trigger but in this particular case, i think (i am not 100% sure because it is mind-boggling) it enabled proper operation of the strobe light as well. :upside_down_face:
I also notice this f/w does not have settings for All-Day scheduling. It is there for the Cam v2. though.

As long as it is working and it comes on :+1: and you can see your events you should be all good.

The second one is just to filter what you do (selected) or don’t (not selected) want to see in the Events tab. It has no affect whatsoever on the spotlight. Using the Clear All will show you everything from every cam.

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I am good to go indeed until i fix this Events scheduling which is not working properly for both the V2’s and this OG. Perhaps i need to restart the cams once again who knows.
As for the strobe light, i know what i was saying does not make a lot of sense… unless there is a bug,
Now, if i am the only one complaining the error must be somewhere else. Will review again.

What scheduling function are you trying to use?

For cam v2, under Events Recording, I can schedule the period. Although it is set for All-Day, nothing is being recorded late at night.

That Event Recording schedule feature is not available for cam og unless it is buried somewhere.