Wyze Cam OG & Cam v4 Firmware Beta Test 6/24/2024

Wyze Cam OG:

Version: 1.0.82

What’s New:

  • Improved connectivity with Wyze Web Portal
  • Bug fixes

Wyze Cam v4:


What’s New:

  • Security improvements

Applied the OG Firmware update. The Cam v4 Firmware does not seem to be available yet.

Will test the OG Firmware.

Question: The OG Firmware is not for the Telephoto, correct? Asking because it does not appear that the update is available for it.

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Updated 1 Cam OG and 5 Cam v4s with no issues. All working well so far.

Yes, appears to be the non-Tele version of the OG only. I only have the Tele versions. Updating my two V4s now - along with one V3 that refuses to take the most recent update despite at least a dozen attempts.

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I wonder if this will fix the OG freezing playback issue after 1 minute that iOS users are currently experiencing with app v2.5 or later. Then again it might be too risky to try as the OG can’t manually flash back to stable firmware.

Weirdness with two V4 cams. One with ambient light switchs into full color or night.

One has a stuck IR and ambient light, bright red light stays on in color or night and had this with tapping night vision conditions. See pic. Good one showed dusk and dark, odd one shows, Off, Far and Near.

Reloaded Beta app again…both show dusk and dark now, so far. IR still stuck. Tapped it, reset it, restarted it. Powered it off and on, both powered by same 2 amp plug. Switched setting too many times to count. Time to swap it out.

Crap, wrong beta. Maybe a moderator will move it. If not, ill delete it tomorrow and atart over. Been a won’t open live view night with Beta 3 app.:tired_face::face_with_spiral_eyes::roll_eyes::joy:

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Hey it happens. :grin:

Are you running beta firmware on your v4 cams?

Yes I am. I’ll tap at the app mamy times tomorrow and see if it ever switches off.

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I moved your issue to the Cam v4 beta firmware topic. It’s not possible for the beta 3.0 app to discriminate against only one of your v4 with what appears to be a partially stuck IR cut filter. I also doubt this is a firmware issue, but if you don’t mind, please send a log selecting Wyze Cam v4 > Image Quality Issues. I assume you’re not running a color bulb outside tonight.

My backyard v4 cam’s view looks like yours… due to color bulbs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for moving it, I was pooped last night and after fiddling for several hours with it all day off and on. Wow on that color on yours.

I’m too old for this :pensive: :joy:. My bulbs are solar white set at 20 percent, the. 100 percent if motion occurs.

I’ll send a log.

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Try viewing the cam now during daylight with a normal color live stream. If you see a pink hue where there should be none, and you’ve apparently exhausted user-correctable actions, please call support for an exchange.

Daytimes good, night vision on cam good, IR can be seen shining on my phone in night vision. I’ll swap it out

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