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DO NOT and let me repeat this again DO NOT purchase one of these camera systems, doorbells, smart lighting or anything from this company. They are complete trash. Their customer service is complete trash. Their connection service is bogus. The cameras do not stay connected to my home wifi so I can’t view what’s going on in or around my home. And the recording from the app on your phone does not save to the cloud or an SD card. The cameras won’t even be connected to my wifi, just powered on but the camera still will follow you around the house, even though it’s not connected to my Wi-Fi and I have no access to it at all so it just makes me wonder who the [Mod Edit] is really watching me. I am so disappointed in this company that I reported them to the Better Business Bureau. Somebody needs to do something about this issue because they’re garbage. I’ve reached out to customer service to try to get a refund and return the products that I bought and I was told I could not return anything and that all they could help me do was to take steps to troubleshoot the problem which you can do in app. It’s very self-explanatory. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do it. The steps they had me follow are the exact steps that the App walks you through so it’s ridiculous. I have other systems ring and blink and both of those always stay online. They always recorded the cloud. They always allow me access to view. What’s going on inside of my home or outside of my home and never give me any problems. the cameras are just a little bit more expensive so I was looking for a cheaper route out you pay for you or you get what you pay for.

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I understand your frustration with something not working the way you expected it to, and not being able to get a refund after the return window is closed. However, I do know wyze will replace defective cameras if after troubleshooting it’s determined to be a device defect.

I think for the connection issue, it would be helpful to know what your router settings are. Does your wifi router support 2.4, 5.0, or both? There’s a lot of really amazing users here who are great with helping with connection issues, you may benefit from doing a search for your router type to see if anyone one else had similar issues that were resolved.

As far as the recording options:

Clicking record in the app will save the footage to the device you’re using.

Cloud recording is event only, and is set up in the detection and event recording section of the settings.

SD card recording has two options: 24/7 recording, or event only, also set up in the menu. The oldest footage will get overwritten once the card is full.

For viewing recordings and events:

The events tab will show you your cloud event recordings. If you have SD card recording turned on, you can click view playback on the event and it’ll take you to the SD recording. This is especially useful if you’ve enabled. 24/7 recording.

On the live view of the camera, you can also click view playback to access a time line of recordings on the SD card.

Alternately, you can remove the SD card and view the files on a computer.

I hope some of this information is helpful.

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