they just want your money

bought the cam outdoor in April. tried for a couple weeks to get it set up and working. I searched the forums, watched countless videos, come to find out, they sold me the defective version as the new firmware came out that made it garbage. I bought a cam pro subscription for 3 months the day after I ordered because I knew that’s what I wanted to try out. I did everything they said should fix it just to have to wait for them to send me a replacement for the full price, brand new item I purchased that they sold me and then released firmware that wouldn’t work with it. Something you can only hope they actually test with their products before wide scale releasing (which they obviously do not). Then I waited two weeks for them to actually ship the thing- but get this- ONLY AFTER I emailed AGAIN to tell ask where the dang thing was. Now ive been sitting here for 3 days trying to get the “new” one (it had a giant refurbished sticker on the box- didn’t I pay full price for a new item?) to work and it won’t even give me a blinking blue light. Try the QR code and says its offline, everything else hooked up to my damn router works. What is with this garbage? When I say I am angry enough to cuss out a nun, I cannot be more serious. My subscription ends in like two weeks and I have yet to be able to use it with the cam because Wyze keeps sending the same revolving door of automated “helpers” who can’t seem to pick up that the damn thing won’t even REGISTER. I can’t even get it set up. So no, I can’t set up a log because I can’t even make the base station a part of my damn system to be able to do that. Anyone else recieving a carousel of [Mod Edit] in regards to anything working with this product? Really seems to me Wyze only interest is in getting my money with no actual backing for their product. Im incredibly close to dropping wyze all together. absolute garbage customer service, trash product, my doorbells don’t even pick up my husband walking past them leaving in the morning half the time.

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Sorry your having issues with your new cam.

To help yoy, can you clarify if you have the cam v3 or the outdoor cam. The outdoor cam uses a base station, and is battery operated. I don’t think it supports cam plus pro. The cam v3 can go outdoors, but it needs a power source. This one does support cam plus pro.

Sounds like your issues could be your setting the cam up as the wrong device in the app. The outdoor cam (battery, with a base) must be setup as a outdoor cam in the app. This one does not use a QR code to set it up.

Please let me know if that worked, or if you need any other help. Thanks!


Hi, I have the outdoor cam. I can’t even pair the base station. It will not connect to my internet. the light won’t turn blue no matter what I do and this is the second camera (they replaced the first) to have the same issue. I am setting it up as the base station and it feels a bit like mansplaining for you to assume I can’t read the basic instructions for setup and follow the corresponding pictures. Ive used the RouteThisHelps app both times, I have other things working from the same router with no issues and im so tired of this. I bought this because some jerk was lurking in our driveway until our cousin (neighbors) saw and approached him and he ran off. Our doorbell cams can’t detect him where I was so we got this to help. Now its wasted two months of my life hoping to gain peace of mind. I am livid and out the cost of a 3 month camp pro subscription I bought for that cam because of this garbage and the company has only said “we can’t refund the subscription”. THeyre wasting my time, sending ineffective refurbs, and im over it.

they just want your money

nah, they want your data, too… :wink:

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First thing is to send them feedback and log through app.
since you do not have connect base and cam. Log may be a bit difficult but enter data manually.

also post your problem in “Fix it Friday” thread.

you may need to specify

firmware version
app (ios or android)
sd card?
your router model ( have u try to separate 2.4g and 5g band different ssid)
some routers are not good.

how many devices on your router?
Your ISP download speed. upload speed.

Are you conmecting the base station via Ethernet or WiFi? If WiFi, make sure the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands are seperate on diffrent ssids.

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