These cameras are such a waste

I have owned 4-5 v2 outdoor cameras.
I upgraded them all to v3.
I bought the doorbells.(1st gen).
I’ve paid for the different cam plus setups.

These things get progressively worse with each update. At this point, they only work well when nothing is happening. I can leisurely look at my property when it’s calm and still. The minute there is a person or Movement of any kind all the cameras basically cannot be connected to. It’s like They are so busy doing event detection tbat they can’t show the actual activity. They remain unconnectable for at least 5 mins after some movement occurs. This is the same with the doorbells. Such a shame. They worked a lot better before they made them “smart”. I won’t be buying anymore nor renewing my plans with wyze.

Sounds like you may be having bandwidth issues.


I agree, sounds like a bandwidth issue. I had similar issue about a year or so ago. It turned out to be my router and its inability to keep up with Live Streaming.


Then why is there no issue when live streaming without a motion event? I can live stream all day if the scenery is mostly still.

If there is no motion, the cams have no events to upload to the cloud. Also, your streaming session is a direct local network connection between your cam and your phone/tab.

I don’t know where you live or what you are using for Internet service and home networking equipment, but if you are in a remote area and/or using DSL or low-bandwidth satellite, the more you upgrade your cam equipment and/or the more cams you add, the worse your experience will be.


What kinda and brand of network equipment do you use? What equipment is apart of your wifi setup? How many other wifi connected smart devices do you have? Phone, computers, tablets, bulbs, cloths washer dryer/washer etc.

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There are connectivity issues with the latest v3 firmware. Here is another thread about this issue.

It sounds like you might have between 5-10 Wyze devices. To check bandwidth, I would power off all but 1 or 2 to test. Keep powering on more and see if the flakeyness returns.


Just run an Internet speed test when things go wonky. If either up or down shows less than 2Mbps, the likelihood of problem-free streaming HD while running 4-5 cams during high-motion periods is slim.

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For the record I have 1.5 gbit fibe from bell canada. And yes I have 5 cams in the network. Am using ubiquity gear for Wi-Fi and routing.

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Ubiquity network gear.
5 wyze cams. Family has iphones(4)


My individual device speeds are 200-300 mb and it’s often symmetrical up and down. Ran a test during a cam failure last night and got 350 down 270 up

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Can you do a iPhone “screen recording” to show us?

Are you running a Ubiquity mesh or standalone router?

Show you what? A speed test?

I have their cloud key, 3 APs and the secure gateway.(router)

A screen recording of the actual Wyze app. Show it when nothing is going on… then, walk into the view of a V3 camera.

If no one else is complaining of this issue, then, there has to be some anomaly with yer situation.