Tons of issues

I’ve been having tons of issues for the past 2 - 3 days with my Cameras getting knocked off line, Wyze Smart Plug not working, Video Door Bell and Chime all not working even after several (up to a dozen) resets of everything.

Customer Support is anything but that. You can’t get anyone to answer your questions, can’t get anyone to respond to requests for help.

I’ve been a customer for several years. I have referred about 20 Family and Friends to this company.

But this is ridiculous and I’m as close as I’ve ever been to dumping this company and completely revamping and replacing each and every Wyze Device I have.

It seems like every time there is an issue, it always comes down to resetting, redoing everything over and over to get it working just for it to go out a short time later.

It sounds like you are reaching the limit of your router’s capacity to manage devices on the network especially if resetting gets it working for a short time.

Amazon web services is down.

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I have an Orbi Mesh Router with 3 Satellites that can hold and support way more than the devices I have connected.

The Cameras, Door Bell, Smart Plugs have all worked in the past with no issues and I’ve had even more devices connected to WiFi in the past. It’s definitely not an issue with the Router / WiFi or amount of devices.

I’ve read several other people reporting a similar issue with Cameras showing up as Offline in the App but when you click on that specific Camera it is up and working fine.

The biggest issue I’m dealing with is the Cameras and Door Bell Chime don’t even go into Setup Mode. If they do, they don’t scan the URL to continue the setup.

For 24 hours? My stuff hasn’t worked right since yesterday morning and still isn’t working.

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This is looking to be an ongoing problem. I’ve loved, used, promoted and bragged about Wyze and their devices for years.

But I think it is time for Wyze and their development team to take a step back from trying to get into every avenue of the tech world and trying to develop a bunch of devices that is causing them to not PAY ATTENTION to what their customers are having issues with and address them before introducing other devices.

Hopefully at some point, sooner than later, all these issues that me and others are reporting can be addressed instead of wasting time on a Wyze Remote Control Car, Light Strips that I see nothing but complaints on, Connection Issues etc etc.

I’ve read several other people reporting a similar issue with Cameras showing up as Offline in the App but when you click on that specific Camera it is up and working fine.

Been happening to me for a few days but REALLY bad yesterday evening! What-the-what?!?!?
As well, I moved my Outdoor cam to outside, as someone mentioned that PIR don’t work so well through windows. The batter was down to 26% because my wife views it all day as she works in the office way at the back of the house. I plugged it in when i got home and the battery status was all over the place according to the main view of the app, but then I’d click on the camera and it said the battery level was way different. I labored over this for a few hours while trying to handle my already very busy family life.
Often, it looked like it wasn’t charging, or like there was something wrong with the cam, which is fairly new. changed outlets, changed chargers, did this and that, but battery constantly showed to be 26% max. After a few hours i noticed that clicking on the camera actually showed the battery charge was increasing.
Should I really quit my job, give up my life, etc to mess around with all these Wyze issues?

GuitarMan. Love that handle!!!

Just checked. It’s Still happening. Cameras say offline but are fine when i click on them. Not I’m not able to connect to my WCO at all. Battery is at 91%. I know there’s no issue with wifi. Wife works at home and would call me INSTANTLY if there was a prob. Only things using the wifi now is her laptop and the 3 cams.