Who is having issues and who has resolved their issues?

Currently all my cameras are still down as i wait for any service. Periodically they connect to router but dont show up in app as connected. They do show in app but offline. Have been this way through the night. Will update as soon as i can confirm any progress on my end.

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Server outage:

Too difficult to keep all cams and doorbell working. Had wyze for tears but the fixes are often long and painful.

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Yeah ive as well been using wyze for years and have for the most part have had a positive experience despite a couple disappointments. This is sadly looking to be the worst ive had occur and am kinda disappointed in response time.

I am seeing outages on several financial apps as well as 20 cameras in 3 separate locations. Smells like a cyber attack .

Still getting event notifications from all of my cameras, but all are now unnamed. monitoring screen i. The app is grayed out, and am getting the message that my sense hub was deleted. What is going on?

I am guessing as well that once the servers are back online its going to be spotty on devices succesfully coming back up as the server distributes the bandwidth and gets everything back on as quickly as it can but with the amount trying to reconnect at once itll take time for the logistics of it to organize everyones feeds to accommodate everyones back to working order.

We MUST have local control of our devices! This shouldn’t be disputed.


Ideas for local network control of Wyze devices when internet down


I ve got one camera up and running

All are now back up and running

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I am glad they are up and running and apologize for the issues experienced today.

If anyone is still having issues here is the thread to the outage, please let me know.

My Wyze Cam Pan v2 cam is not working. It will initially connect then it will not respond. It goes immediately down to 0KB/s. It has great WiFi signal. Has worked fine in the same location until today.


Have you tried restarting the cam by removing power and see if that helps?

Also time reverted to military time on this camera only. All other devices digital time and no connectivty error message. Help!

Yes multiple times.

Same here.

Also now my Wyze Cam v3 (4 of them) are doing the same dropping to 0 KB/s. This is making all my cameras useless. We need a fix. I and many others are paying for this service and it being down is not protecting my home and business. Thanks

They have been flawless until today.

Are you talking about the timestamp on the image, that has always been military time, or is this in a different place.

Can you look at one of the ones that keeps dropping offline and tell me what firmware it says it has on it?

Yes. The time of recorded video. This camera only.

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