Ideas for local network control of Wyze devices when internet down

I would love to see Wyze build a local bridge so lights and sensors could be controlled within the house if internet goes down. It would also increase the speed of turning on/off lights since the devices wouldn’t have to go out to the internet for processing.

Agree - plus if you want to turn them on or off without having to fumble for your phone.

I would like to be able to access Wyze Cameras and plugs via the native application during an internet outage related to my ISP. I live in a rural area with very limited choices for an ISP. That said, the ISP has somewhat frequent outages that last from a few hours to a couple of days. I’ve setup the cameras using RTSP which provides local access, though not via the app. I don’t see any similar option for the plugs. I know you can operate the plugs manually, but some of mine won’t be readily accessible so software access is needed.

I have some KASA plugs which I can access locally without an app so I’m sure this is possible.


Just had an internet outage tonight. All my plugs just sit there, blinking…

And the ability to download video from local LAN without using an ISP connection - especially for crime scene investigation where phone and ISP lines were cut prior to home invasion. Super important when you are prohibited from removing the micro SD cards.

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I have office lights buried behind my workstation so I bought a WYZE plug to control them remotely. They are connected to a WiFi router that my phone is also connected to. My internet goes out from time to time and when it does, I CANNOT turn my lights off without crawling under my desk and yanking out the plug. This seems like a completely unresonable design choice to make a customer go through this level of hassle. How in the world do you have an oversight like this that is going to make me abondon the WYZE eco-system?!?!? Such a stupid business loss for such an easy fix. And I can’t possbly be the only customer who wants to control ALL OF THEIR DEVICES WITHOUT THE INTERNET!!! Hell, let’s make it so you don’t even need the internet in the first place to setup the devices. WOW, can you even imagine how happy customers would be and how many more people would be buying the product??? But, sadly, no. Why would you want to make more money as a company? Makes absolutely no sense. I love the harware, but the software is really holding back the usefulness, value, and desirability of the products.

SOLUTION (which I shouldn’t even have to suggest): Give the APP the ability to be used OFFLINE and still have access to the WiFi. WHY IS THIS NOT DEFAULT? This solves not just this problem, but a multitude of other issues as well.

Oh, well. That’s my rant. That’s my hail-mary throw of hope. Let’s see if anyone actually catches it and scores a touchdown.


Not really an answer to this, but Kasa TP-Link plugs work without an internet connection. You can also use scripts to control most of them from a pc. There is also a Home Assistant integration for them.


Agree, I can’t believe this one doesn’t have more votes. I had an outage today and I can’t reach any of my plugs or bulbs. The camera works which is great, but I wouldn’t mind having to buy a central bridge just to keep all my rules and devices when there is an internet outage.

Please feel free to conflagrate this post if a previous one on this topic already exist.

I’m without internet for a day and I was able to confirm that I can watch my camera via the intranet without internet except the Wyze app won’t run without authenticating to the account first.
There should be an option for local authentication for (panaroid) users who want to check their cams locally/offline.

This is an absolute MUST and should on Wyzes top priority list of things to implement.

Once again my internet connection is down and has been for a few days. ISP has no power to the WIFI tower they use. I know that local control is possible because I have another brand of plugs that still work via that vendors app when no internet is available. (App even shows the plugs as “Local Only.”)

Come on, Wyze…


I had 11 Wyze outlets. With the pandemic my local cable node is overloaded and the internet frequently goes up and down. When this occurs I had random multiple plugs not resetting making me do the blinking blue plug/replug dance. I reached my limit and replaced all with TP-Link Kasa HS-105s. The Kasa product has no issue with internet outages and have control over local network along with sunrise/sunset scheduling options. I would go back to Wyze if they would make a product with competing features. Unfortunately for us, I think their resources are dedicated to product expansion and not enhancing the legacy products. Especially when I see they have a new plug in the works with bluetooth control.

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I have the Kasa products as well and really appreciate the ability to control them when my internet connection is down and also via various scripts (python and others) with DomoticZ and Home Assistant.


Yes, this is huge!

Control devices from network when internet is out or AWS services are out

I am absolutely flabbergasted that this is not already a feature, and am seriously disappointed that I didn’t know wyze devices ALWAYS need internet.
We NEED the ability to control our devices (thermostat, plugs, etc…) when we are connected to the same network as the devices. AWS goes down sometimes and our internet goes down sometimes. How am I supposed to control them when this happens?


Yes please! Wyze please get us local control. Otherwise another AWS outage and my family is going to be fed up with not being able to turn the lights on and that’s it for my Wyze purchases, and I have been around since the beginning.

Make Wyze devices work on local wifi network if cellphone is also on the local network

Due to the AWS outage, I have this request to re-design Wyze products to operate without using the internet IF the cellphone and devices are on the SAME wifi network.

I have never understood why companies put so much emphasis on using the internet for local use. If Wyze were smart, they would do something that probably nobody else does. They use Mac addresses. When you set up your device with your phone, let the phone build a catalog of devices on your phone. When your phone is on the same wifi net as the devices, they stream back and forth locally. The devices can still periodically heartbeat to the cloud so the servers are aware the devices are online. When your phone leaves your wifi network and switches to cellular or another network, THEN the phone notifies the Wyze servers and then it can stream via the internet. Just think of how much bandwidth is saved by taking the internet out of the loop until it is needed. Then, for those that have a home when there isn’t any internet, they can simply set up a wifi router and still use your devices without the internet. Then the system is more solid, your local net will be faster to access your camera and a file on the SD card. Then, if Amazon has a hiccup, you will still be able to access your devices while you are home. That is what makes this outage so frustrating: You’re at home, your local wifi is working, you can even access the internet. But, because an outside server is down, a device you are holding in your hand right next to your phone, doesn’t work.

I was such a fan of the Wyze cam I decided to give the thermostat and plugs a chance. Never thought I wouldn’t be able to control them from my local network if there is an AWS outage. My TP-Link kasa plugs can still be controlled when my internet goes out. It shouldn’t be that hard to implement. Why is it that every company is so dependent on Amazon?

After yesterday’s AWS outage I’m surprised this has not gotten more attention.

Add local control ability to app I did a search but it didn’t show this was already here so mod merged it. From viewing live stream on NY V2 cams and db, it’s clear that the app and cams retain WiFi connections. I’m not a coder, but seems the simplest solution is to add the essential functions to the app rather than rely on AWS or external internet access.

When aws or other connection to wyze services is severed or otherwise unavailable, simple but essential tasks such as toggling bulbs and plugs on/off is no longer available. Add a fallback to local control option in the app so these can at least be toggled on/off directly via the app. The app is connected to our WiFi and the devices are as well - not sure but maybe some even use Bluetooth locally. Therefore it should be a rather simple chore to add the code to the app for these devices.