Lost internet

Storm here tonight and lost internet.
Can’t control lights which I trusted to Wyze. Luckily, still had service on my cell phone.
First thing I did was check the forums for a solution.
The next thing I did was to go to Amazon and bought Kasa plugs which have local mode.

Wake up a Wyze. Nobody needs another vacuum or a nightlight. What we need is decent support for the products you started with.

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The wyze plugs have the button to turn on/off manually, so what are you talking about? Our wyze light bulb will return to the same state it was before the power went out

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Your solution to turning off the lights by pushing the button on the plug is the same as saying “just close your eyes if you don’t like the light“

If home Wi-Fi still works but the Internet connection is out, local mode allows you to still operate your smart plugs. If I must use the button on the plug to turn it on and off, I might as well just pull the plug out. The idea of having a remote smart device is that I don’t have to go outside, pull cabinetry away from the wall, or climb a ladder to push a button on the plug.

The local mode is Bluetooth, we don’t care if the power goes out all of our wifi plugs and lights will come back on when power is restored

I’ve got sengled bulbs and Wyze bulbs, and some kasa plugs. None of them work when the internet is down. I didn’t expect them to work because I knew they were internet devices, and the user manuals did not specify they would work when the internet goes down.

It’s great you found products that have a local mode, but that isn’t standard, nor does Wyze state they have that functionality. If you wanted that to begin with, you should have looked for products that have that capability.

For what it’s worth, I love my Wyze vacuums (cordless and hand held) and bulbs and plan to replace my existing sengled bulbs with Wyze bulbs.

It appears that my concerns are unfounded and I do not fully understand the capabilities and limitations of the Wyze plugs. I apologize. Moderator please close the topic

Have you tested local mode on those?

I have some Kasa smart plugs and liked that they could function with only WiFi and no internet, but that capability didn’t seem to work sometime later. I honestly haven’t tried again since then, as I started purchasing a different brand that didn’t have that capability, but did have energy monitoring.

That’s some B S . I have lots of local control devices. Why should we have to rely on Wyze servers. Data collecting?