No internet cannot control lights

Hello Wyze,
Yesterday I discovered a serious bug either within the firmware or the Wyze app itself. I lost internet access for almost 7 hours, my home network was not effected. I could not control my Wyze bulbs. I currently have 11 Wyze cameras and 9 Wyze bulbs connected to my network and 2 phones and 2 tablets using the Wyze app, these devices were connected to my home network ad were the cameras and bulbs. None of the lights could be controlled.

I see this as a serious design flaw. First and foremost ALL your Wyze devices should be recognized and controllable from within a home network whether internet is available or not. This issue needs to be addressed immediately. Looking forward to an updated app and/or device firmware to correct this issue.

When there is no internet you can only control Wyze Bulbs using the switch, the ‘smart’ aspects of the bulbs require the internet, they do not run locally.


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