Wyze bulbs and new Wyze plugs... when there is no internet

If internet goes down can the bulbs and the new plugs still be controlled?

I currently use Lutron RA2 automation for lights and smart plugs and it will work with or without internet access.

I know the bulbs will still work and I believe the plugs will also, there looks to be a button on the side you can press to allow power to go through if it is off when internet goes down

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Ok thx, I will order some and try them out.

The Lutron RA2 system works without internet because the devices are communicating directly with each other using Lutron’s proprietary RF technology. Wyze bulbs and plugs communicate with Wyze servers over the internet via standard WiFi, so if the internet is down they can’t be controlled through the app.

As @WyzeJasonJ mentioned the plugs have a physical power button on them you can use, and the bulbs can be turned off and on with the light switch. But at that point they’re no longer “smart” devices until internet connectivity is restored.


Are you sure about that? I use a different brand (Tuya compatible) bulbs and sockets which I can still control from my local network when the internet connection is down. I had to last Sunday.

It’s possible that Wyze devices may work as well.

I don’t have any official documentation that says it won’t work, just my experience that it hasn’t worked for me when my internet is down :slight_smile:. Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn can ask what the expected behavior is for Wyze Bulbs, Plugs, and Sense without an internet connection but all on the same WiFi network?

You will be able to use them as regular bulbs and sockets in this case but you won’t be able to control them through the app without internet. Thanks for tagging me in, @thequietman44!

Will there be any future firmware updates that will allow the plugs to be controlled locally over the local network? I need a plug that can power-cycle network gear when it locks up to get internet back up and running so the smart devices are available online …

Not that I know of at this point.

I would love a firmware update for at least the routines like bedtime to still function without internet. After all it must have an internal clock and some amount of memory. But I am afraid this will never happen and I am stuck just purchasing a separate timer and using this like a dumb bulb.

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