Bulbs and plugs go offline -no remote reset available

I have several plugs and bulbs in a remote location. I am not there for months at a time. I placed bulbs and plugs with schedules to turn on and off like someone is there. Now several bulbs and one plug have gone off-line. A chat with support says they can not be reset remotely. I really love these products and the responsiveness of this company - but going off-line with the inability to remotely reset is an absolute showstopper. If you are having this problem please report it to support -they need to realize the viability of their products are directly related to their reliability - At this point they are just a camera company.


Would be great if there was a way to remote restart the bulbs…

However, if the wyze bulb is controlled by a wall switch, then you can maybe use something like the switch listed below to flip the actual switch to off position… Then back on again to power cycle it… That may be enough to get the bulb to kickstart itself and try to re-connect back to your wifi connection at that remote location…

I know not an ideal solution, but may work as a temporary solution.

RealitySwitch Plus - Smart Switch Overlay:

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I occasionally had this issue with all of the brands of smart plugs and bulbs that I own. I’m not sure it’s a Wyze specific problem. However, since I switched to a different router (actually, a mesh system), I rarely have this issue anymore. I believe this is mostly YMMV depending on each person’s environment.

I do have a mesh WIFI (Google’s)… I have a strong signal everywhere in the house. One of the bulbs is perhaps 5 feet from one of the google nodes… Interesting you have seen this with other brands - I was gong to try that next time I get back. Guess not, Time to revert back to old fashion timers.- problem with those is when power goes out for several hours the time gets all messed up… I thought these bulbs would resolve that issue… Thanks…

There are timers with built-in batteries that maintain a charge. I have 4 including a timer-lightswitch for the front door. Can also set for sundown and sunrise. Simple and effective. Got mine at Home-Depot.

I too have a similar issue with the new plugs being at a remote location. They lost their signal the day I left, however, the cameras on the same network are still connected and can be viewed with no issues. I was told the same thing by the service desk that a remote reset was not possible. I am no IT expert, but I would think that perhaps some programing that would allow the plug to periodically ping for a signal, when not connected, could solve this issue. For me the plugs are useless, if I need to be close by at all times. I have had the cameras at this location for over a year and only had one time where they did not reset and I had to go there to manually reset them. Even after the last two Hurricanes the cameras came back online by themselves. Hope they can do something soon as these are a great solution for vacation homes and such.


I too have several cameras,sensors, plugs and bulbs in remote locations that go offline and them I’m stuck. Pretty much makes them worthless. I have an old D-Link cameras and they have a reboot feature that can be set at a specific time, say 0300, that keeps them “fresh”. Perhaps that would work. The sensors and plugs in my house go offline but they still have power. My router is fine and the camera that is bridging the sensor is also fine. So I don’t understand why the device can’t refresh the connection automatically or on a schedule set by the user.