Wyze switch doesn't work when internet is out

We lost internet service for a few hours today and I was unable to use Google Assistant to turn a smart light on or off. Then I tried to use the Wyze smart switch hard wired to this light and nothing happened. Is this the way the switch works? With the regular switch you can get the light to work even if the net is down. If this is normal, this might be a reason to not put this switch in a location where the light is really important, like the top of a dark stairway.

Is Single Press set to Classic Control or Smart Control? With Classic control it will operate a normal light bulb, and operate like a normal switch when you lose Internet.

When it is set to Smart Control it requires a Smart bulb, and requires the Internet to tell the Bulb when to go on and off.

You can use any smart bulb that will power up lit with Classic Control too. I have a Wyze smart bulb in mine with the Switch set to Classic Control, and the Power Loss Recovery on the Bulb set to “Turn the light on”. I just use a smart bulb there because I want control over color and brightness, So it still works like a normal bulb when I lose Internet. :slight_smile:


Thanks, that really helped. I forgot about the Classic mode vs Smart. That solves the problem. Now my only problem will be if I turn the switch off manually in classic mode and later try to turn the bulb on with voice. Oh well, can’t have it both ways.