Ideas for local network control of Wyze devices when internet down

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This seems the proper if neglected thread for all the MANY recent clamorings for local control after two successive and prolonged Amazon AWS outages and cleanup periods.

Just noticed that TP-Link seems to be doing it mostly right already:

See also interesting digging at:

All my camera’s and doorbell after resetting are now working but my thermostat will no longer connect. Reset multiple times along with no help from Wyze Support. I had to re-install my old thermostat so I could heat my house during winter. Almost a week later decided to re-install yesterday to see if it would finally fully connect and set up. No luck. I have owned many thermostats. Horrible design that the thermostat will not work without initial set up connection with the phone app. Leave people in the position of not being able to use their thermostat even manually until you all get this connection issue figured out. I am pretty much ready to move on to another reputable company.

This should be a higher priority. With the recent AWS outage, it took over 24 hours for some of my bulbs to come back online. Had I known the bulbs require the internet to work, I would not have bought any and will not buy any more until I see this feature. Local control on the same network should not be hard to implement at least for basic on/off features from the app.


Wyze Ecosystem Local Control

I have around 15 Wyze Switches in my home and all but 2 are setup for ‘Smart Control’ of Wyze Bulbs. We lost our Internet connection and only the 2 switches setup for ‘Classic Control’ (regular light bulbs) continued to work without an Internet connection. Not being able to turn on or off your lights is a quick way to make Wyze a bad word to the non-techies in the home! Can you please add local control!?


Control Outlets or Switches when Internet is down

I have a router separate from my internet modem. When the modem stops working and I want to reboot it I have to and physically unplug it. I added a WYSE outlet, but without an internet connection I can’t power cycle it. I tried a different outlet by TPLink/Kasa and without the internet I can power cycle that outlet. So that tells me it is possible to be able to do this from just the app on your home network where the device is connected but without internet.

It would be a great feature to add the ability via the app to do basic on and off with WYSE devices if there is not internet connection, but you are on the same network as the device.



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Local Authentication or Trusted device

It is my understanding that currently all authentication runs through the wyze app and/or servers. I would like there be a way to have at least 1 device authorized locally. The reason being that a storm can and has knocked out our ISP for days despite us having LAN which leaves us unable to connect to any of our WYZE products if we don’t have cellular Wi-Fi. Imagine being disabled (as I am) and having the remote deadbolt lock, but being unable to unlock it for assistance to get to you. A local trusted device on the same LAN perhaps authenticated by MAC address stored on the device itself could allow a user to still use the device. Maybe even a unique token could be shared between the device and the app on the trusted phone/tablet could be a secondary validation measure. Perhaps someone else has a better way of doing it. I just know i only have one individual with a spare key and should an emergency occur if they are unavailable, EMS would have to break down my door.