Cameras been down all night long, does Wyze lack monitoring of their systems?

Don’t the guys at Wyze have automated testing, automated monitoring, staff available at night?

The app is down, the cameras are down, nothing works. No one acknowledges.


Apparently not. You’d think someone would be contacted when AWS goes down, we shouldn’t be the first one’s letting them know.


I can’t get to any of my 40 cameras since midnight

The wyze website had no updates

Internet down report says everyone is having issues

Wyze are you really so incompetent that you cannot report the outrage?


Where are you hearing their AWS is down? I’m looking directly at their monitoring website and they’re saying there have been no recent issues and all is good.

Some here mentioned it is AWS, but like you I saw that Amazon says their service is working fine. Someone else just posted that it is an AWS issue, so who knows what the issue is.

Starting to believe you get what you pay for unless it’s Wyze. These cameras are cheap and as a result fail often. I wasted money on the Plus crap and it doesn’t ever work when I need it. I should’ve spent the money on Nest or Ring. At least then I would get what I pay for and the knowledge my home is safe.


my cameras are back for now guys

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Isnt this exciting!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: 1990s techjust unplugged off 1 min. , nothing

I keep getting device error 3840 here. All 4 of my cameras are offline and I tried reconnecting them to no avail. Also I keep getting knocked off support chat and no support available through the phone currently either.

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Looking at the reports on downdetector, this appears to affect Canadian customers only. Does Wyze care about Canada? (Edit - not just Canada)

Wyze obviously has NO system monitoring in place. It took them somewhere between 6 and 8 hours to finally acknowledge that “something” was wrong. It’s ridiculous.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I’ve never seen anything like this. I work in IT in a large enterprise environment and if so much as a printer goes offline I know about it within minutes.

To think that a company like Wyze has no monitoring in place and their entire network can go down and no one at Wyze will know about it for almost 8 hours is just mindboggling.


Any IT department that has to be alerted to a system outage by their message board moderators should probably get a new line of work. Unacceptable.


Lucky you! I’m in USA /NJ and mine are still down :frowning:

  • App is buggy - opens and when I try to go to one of my cameras it crashes.
    I’ve rebooted my cell and force-closed the app.
    Access is “better” checking my cameras via PC/Website but still buggy.
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It’s wrong that they blame AWS

They should just say

We have identified the issue and are working to restore services

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I agree
Many of us rely on their cameras for work and safety
They don’t seem to understand the requirements of the service they provide
They also seem to be in over their heads in a big way

‘’ An error occurred: Wow! You’ve been sharing a lot of love! You’ve reached the maximum number of likes within a 24 hour period, but as you gain trust levels, you’ll earn more daily likes. You’ll be able to like posts again in 21 hours. ‘’

Ok a new development!

App shows cams offline, big gray screen ‘‘offline’’ in center etc. However, I’m getting alert vids sent to my fone! (?). Al least some vids.

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They just really don’t care anymore, they are not the same company they were several years ago. They expanded with all this extra junk they’re selling and they can’t support it. At this point they don’t really care. I have 10 of their junk cameras, and had their door sensors that they sold that they knew were faulty. Won’t be buying anything else from them.

we had this type of issue over a year ago, I remember I logged in while the service was down and that went not good… I don’t remember how I fixed it, perhaps delete the cache of your app and reboot the phone. then log in?

but it could be that we are in different AWS “buckets”.

We should never rely on Wyze cameras for work and safety, they are nothing but toys. I know we all want an inexpensive way to do these things and we thought Wyze was the answer. But Wyze has proven time and time again over the years that their products are inexpensive for a reason, constant failures, crappy software and bad customer support.

The price isn’t the actual problem. Its easy to make a cam that only streams video and have it stable since there’s not much to focus on. That can be cheap. The features are the problem. Anyone who doesn’t understand how software development is causing an issue here won’t understand. This post would get long if I tried.