Can't Control Cameras

Don’t know if it’s an AWS thing or a Wyze issue but my cameras are acting squirrelly. Five of them are showing as not connected to the Internet yet all my other devices are working fine. The cameras that are on can’t be turned off. They started acting odd last night. So tired of Wyze camera issues!


Same happens to me, today I am unable to switch any of my cameras off.

Last night was the first night since the horrible security update a week or two back where all my cams worked for once at the same time then about an hour ago all hell broke loose online/offline even my bulbs all came on at 4am for a bit and went back off again. Yeeeehaaa Wyze.

Oh well, at least I got my 8 hours of my many devices working for the month.

All my cameras are down now. Thanks for the security Wyze!

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None of my cameras are working.


Amazon’s AWS is a joke, it goes down way to frequently. There needs to be a company with a reliable web service! Security cameras absolutely need a reliable connection.

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Same, all Cameras unable to be viewed.

Can’t log out of App. Uninstalling the app and re-installing does not correct the issue.

There appears to be an AWS outage / issue. Wyze is aware of this.


Yet, the Amazon AWS Health Dashboard shows no issues with it.