Camera's Turning Themselves On

What is going on today with Wyze Camera’s? I got back home the turned the cameras off but then noticed I kept getting notifications. Open the app back up and saw all my cameras were turned back on. So I turned them off again but they turned themselves back on again. What the heck?! I even noticed that the app showed my Battery Cam Pro to be offline and then it wouldn’t go back online. And one V2 camera I have shows it’s online when it’s unplugged.

My internet and WiFi are fine. So now I have to unplug all the camera’s in my house just so I don’t get bombarded with motion alerts and recordings.

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AWS outage. Looks like they’re doing a big reset. Just about every device I own is somehow affected, but it’s coming back up and my stuff is accessible. Plugs and things are flashing though.


OMG these AWS outages are happening way too frequently now.


My camera show off and I can’t get them to connect ? And yes I did power cycle the V3 cams and the V3Pro, no luck. Time for a :beer: I guess and play the waiting game. :roll_eyes:


Waiting is a good move. A lots of users have no idea there is an AWS outage and are resetting devices. Best to just wait for the all-clear from Gwendolyn.


7 of the 8 cams are back but the V3 Pro is being difficult. It keeps saying the camera is off and when I turn it back on it won’t connect and app shows it off again ? Might have to switch to Jameson for this one :upside_down_face:

My camera’s keep turning themselves back on, after I turned them off. Several now keep showing they are offline, yet I can still access their live feed. Makes it hard to rely on a system for security, when it’s not reliable. This is why I won’t get an internet based home alarm or door lock system.

I got the Pro to work again but the on/off button on the app keeps changing to off, see end of short video?

The app shows off on the home page. If I tap the cam for live view it also says the camera is turned off. When it is in that state you can not make any camera setting changes at all but If I walk in front of the cam I will get a notification and a event video, I have tried this at least 5 times and get the same result even after clearing the app cache of 280MB of trash , logging out of the app and back in, restarting the phone and force closing the app 2.45.1.(1) and doing power cycles to the PRO. Going to need for fuel for this PITA.

Same situation with mine