Cameras going offline randomly

Anyone else notice their V2 and V3 cameras going offline randomly and then coming back online 5-10 min later? I missed a package delivery because they were offline.

We currently have 14 sites with cams at each and we have no issues at all sounds like it’s on your end,I would re boot your router/wifi device

Mine has been doing the same thing. I even tried resetting the camera. It’s still not working correctly.

Yes…Been happening to all 6 of my cameras since I’ve been up this morning. But hey, it’s Wyze we’re talking here…

It’s a huge Amazon AWS server issue… The second time in two weeks that AWS has gone down and taken lots with it…

There’s a lot of stuff down It’s not just WYZE

I’m curious is anything working with Wyze? My cameras are inconsistent they drop off line randomly. White balls and halos, among many issues trying to login. You send a text code that doesn’t work. I spend way too much time trying to get these 7 cameras to be even minimally reliable. And now I’m forced to take the outdoor cams out and clean a uv filter that your Chinese counterparts messed up? I’ll say it again. I need this equipment to with no work reliably. It doesn’t ever. Same stupid trouble shooting comments

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Ok I’ll bite…,precisely what technology are you connected To at what speeds and what models of equipment? I find it nearly impossible to believe you have never had a single issue with your cameras. So let’s hear it service provider? Technology? Rated speeds? Etc.

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They probably got free cameras/devices.

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