All my cameras are down

All my cameras have been down for over a day. My internet is fine. Cycled power on cameras and internet. Seven cameras, can’t blame a camera. Any help would be great. Need these guys running!

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Camera’s not working

All my camera’s are down since last night. Still down this morning. Rebooted my internet a few times still not working. Interest is working perfectly or I wouldn’t be posting this letter. Unplugged camera’s and still nothing. Is WYZE down because there is nothing I can do to get these guys going?

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It’s a longshot, but worth a try: Wyze app Home > Account (bottom right) > Log Out. Reboot phone. Start up Wyze app and log back in.

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All my cameras go offline every night between 10-11 and don’t come back on until 5 ish. Anyone else have this issue

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Well, either you have a rule executing daily or your internet provider has an issue.

It’s unlikely to be a bug happening on many devices at the same time.

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Ya I just tried that and it didn’t work. My internet is fine, everything else is working just my cameras are out. Tried to get a hold of the boys in WYZE but no answers. Thx for the help!


It’s neither. My nase works fine and all other electronics work fine. So not my internet. And I have no rules set.

I hate that they only have a chat and no physical phone support

There is a toll-free number on the website.

All of my cams work fine.

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Just ask the chatbot for the support phone number:

(206) 339-9646 - USA
(581) 500-1166 - Canada


No issue here with V2.

Did your router updated itself? Without you knowing. Check the parameters especially are they on 2.4 ghz.


I heard good things about Arlo.

Are your cams connected to wifi smart plugs that may have schedules set for on/off activity?

Did you ever figure this out?

No they are plugged directly into the wall

So I ended up removing the WYZE app from my phone a couple days ago. Unplugged all the camera’s and left them off till the following day.Yesterday I reloaded the app and plugged all the camera’s back in and most of the cameras started right back up. Two of them I had to reload. All working fine know! Either WYZE did a program change or Rogers my internet provider did. All good as of yesterday noon!


Yes. I have 4 cameras and at night two go offline (actually it may happen during the day too) but when I wake up to check my cameras two are offline- it’s happening so much I’m trying to keep track and I have no idea why. It keeps happening and I have done everything to I can. I’m really hoping it’s a Wyze error because I can’t remember a time thus has ever happened before. I hope someone reads this and can please give some insight :pray:t3:

Two Cam Pan v3
Two Cam v3
All firmware and app up to date

Reset my modem, wps button pressed, I have great internet, nothing out of the norm for my internet so I have no idea what’s going on. It seems to happen only at night.

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I have the same issue. But support doesn’t seem to have an answer or a fix

@Noria - can you post the model of your cams? Also, the screenshot looks like it might be from the new monitor multi-cam view or individual that were stitched together.

Hi Fmillsld,

I forgot to mention all firmware is up to date.

I have two Cam Pan v3
Two V3