Another Wyze Server Issue!

Can’t log into my account due to a Wyze server issue going on. Thanks again Wyze! Why would anyone rely on them for home security?!


I think it’s the Amazon server side, as that’s what wyze uses.


Yup. I have non Wyze devices down too and they use AWS.


Do you have any Ring devices, I haven’t checked mine yet, but I thought they used AWS as well.

AWS is the most unreliable system to use!

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These server failures are killing me.

I really need reliable security so aside from not being able to have working cameras the app on my phone has wiped all my devices and can’t access the footage!

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No rings. My Cloud Intelligence plugs and Cync Switches went down in my Alexa app. Might just be Alexa though.

Wonder how many of those Amazon Alexa workers that just got laid off have back door access? :thinking:


It will be up soon. Just have to be patient. This is on the Amazon Server side IMO.

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My Ring cams are all working fine!

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Unfortunately me. I was putting off buying their Home Monitoring system but have been dealing with lots of work and traveling and too busy to check my phone during the day so I need a home security system and decided I’d rather keep everything in one app and got the wyze HMS

This is day 2 of the app having issues .
Using wyze for home security is gonna be risky bc it’ll only work with WiFi and doesn’t have cellular back up.

A good home security system needs a back up connection , Wyze should’ve added this when they introduced their HMS :rage:

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I just have a doorbell and path lights from ring. The path lights are showing offline but the doorbell seems to be doing OK except for the snapshots.

You said you were unable to login. Was this through the app or through the website? I was just testing it out and I was able to log in through the app fine but knowing where it’s at will help us


This is definitely an Amazon thing. Down detector is showing that AWS is having issues


I agree with you there. I was tempted to switch to wyze from Vivint, but the lack of cellular backup was a non starter. I only have one vivint camera. I left the video to wyze due to the continuous backup to SD.

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Am i the only one that everything in Wyze app is loading? Also my Subscription is off on app but if i go on website it say i do have it , kinda weird

I just got a successful Person Detection Event and Notification, so that’s a good sign!

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There is an AWS server outage.


It’s because of so many AWS outages that I’d never buy the Wyze Home Monitoring system, because it just can’t be relied on for security.


Another issue today. I know there was a huge storm and all but this is getting old.