Wyze Cam v3 Pro

I really had no Wi-Fi issues on camera placements when I upgraded from the V2’s to V3’s - all of my V3’s connected fine - even 20+’ away from router.
Now the V3Pro is another story!! I just upgraded / installed two V3 Pros today - I am on Google Fiber Mesh and they gave me fits - connection was weak and camera image was pixelating badly. I logged into Google Home App and found the two cameras - renamed each one for quick identity and then shut them off. Restarted cameras and both connected to nearest mesh router this time - now signal strength is good and image is excellent! Thank Goodness! I never had this issue with the V2 or V3 camera in any of my many installs, including for neighbors.
Update: With the release of new firmware on 12/14, issues with connectivity & pixelation have now been resolved! Cameras now connect much faster!


Ordered mine on the 5th have heard nothing since… When is the next batch shipping out?


Same. Ordered mine Oct 26, and they only shipped the sd card I added to the order. Shows partial fulfillment.

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Has ANYONE tested and reported the wifi performance?
With numbers like distance signal rec’d and signal strength?
Or comparison to V2, V3?
I’ve two V3’s located such that if anything goes between the router and the device it will lose signal.

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Honestly my V2s have such mediocre signal strength I can’t imagine trying to replace them with V3s based on all these reports. :frowning:

Jon @TheNetGuyDotCom did a comprehensive comparitive test of the signal strength of the V2, V3, & V3Pro.


Thanks, doesn’t look like it will help.

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Except that the V3Pros support 2x MIMO so in that sense if you have a router with MIMO support they are a lot more stable, reliable, functional, etc. That’s a nice addition. Underrated upgrade, though addressed a little bit by thenetguy of how it made a difference in that video regardless of the signal strength coming in between V2 & V3.

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I remember seeing a few mods for putting an external antenna on a V2.
Can anyone provide a link for doing the same with a V3 or V3 pro?
I realize it voids the warranty.

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My experience with the V3Pros & V3’s may be quite unique, but it doesn’t mesh with thenetguy. I have 5 V3’s here that have no issues connecting and live stream view, even 25’ + from Google Mesh router. My 2 V3Pros that are less than 5’ & 10’ from router will connect, but the live stream view shows in 360P [awful pixelation]. I can switch camera to SD [image is fine] - then switch to 2K and image is fine for a few seconds, then it freezes!! Cam+ recorded events played back are in 2K and look great. Around 5 PM CST, something changes - both V3Pros start working as they should - live stream view is in 2K & there is no freezing. Next morning, the cycle starts all over - NUTS! Have a ticket open on this for a week - log files were sent. I need to get rid of this Gremlin - love the picture quality when working properly!
Update: On 12/14 Wyze released a new firmware Ver. and the issues I was having have now been resolved with new firmware! Thank you Wyze!


Right about 6:30 I said out loud to remove the SD card. I broke one by not removing it first.

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This guy did something similar but made a new internal antenna using an antenna from a busted laptop.


Good username + good video = great first post. :wink:



I bought 2 v3 Pros to replace 2 v3 specifically for the 2 Antennas hoping they would work better. Same exact locations. They are much worse as far as connectivity. One, I cannot even connect to my wifi. Used the new power blocks as well.

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What about the cord? Are you using a 3rd party cord such as a LONG cord? People have had issues with long cords causing a loss of voltage and thus affecting the functionality.

Are you sure it’s the connection/reception? Did you check the difference in dBm on the router between the two, or just that the video doesn’t play as well? I ask because the connectivity issues may not be a reception issue…if you are using iOS, the connectivity issues you experience may be a bug in the current iOS app that they are working on fixing and should have a resolution pushed out here in January.

Most independent tests have found that the V3Pros have stronger signal than the V3’s when measuring the dBm, but the main benefit they get is the MiMo radio support (Multiple In Multiple Out).

What kind of difference do you experience?

I had some issues with connection to my V3 Pro after I updated the firmware to on 12/12/22.
I did a factory reset on the camera and it has been working great since. My previous issues posted here>

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I hope Wyze can get this iOS connectivity issue resolved. I updated both V3 Pro cameras with firmware and they worked fine for a few days! When the App was updated to 2.38.2 (1) cameras reverted back to issues with Live Stream viewing! I Factory Reset both cameras and this did not help the pixelation issue during daylight hours.

During daytime, all Cam + recordings show in 2K fine - Live View and recordings to SD card are pixelated!

At night, both cameras work fine in Live Stream, Cam + Recording, & SD card recording. I attribute this to the frame rate dropping from 20 fps to 15 fps which require less bandwidth. Not sure what else would cause this change.

Update: iOS App was updated to 2.38.3 (3) last night. It did nothing to remedy the Live Stream pixelation issue during daylight hours! This update made it worse for my issue!

Update 2: iOS App update 2.38.4 (3) solved the Live Stream pixelation issue :blush:

Any Idea when the v3 pro will be available again?

Go to this link and click “Notify me when available”.