Wyze Cam v3 Pro = Train Wreck

I was super excited to change out my Wyze Cam v3 with the Pro model. I was using the v3 outdoors, even though it’s not rated for that and has worked flawlessly.

Things started off on the wrong foot right away.

1. USB cavity too small. I have 25 ft USB cables running out to my v3 cameras, to provide power. I unplugged the previous cable and attempted to plug it into the new v3 Pro, but I couldn’t get any power to the camera. After troubleshooting, I realized the USB cord housing was a hair to big to go all the way into the slot to provide power. I had to grind down the casing on the cable to get it to go in.

2. No videos stored in cloud. Even with Cam Plus enabled, it is only storing a snapshot of the event, not the actual event. Says some error about not having good enough signal. Even if I drop quality down to SD grade, it is the same result.

3. SD Card Playback - Snaps to events, no granular scrubbing of the timeline. I had someone come to my house and I wondered how they got there. I was unable to scrub within about 2 mins of the event because it kept snapping to the event. Even the the 10 sec backward option, wouldn’t go further than the start of the event. I literally had to go back about 3 minutes to avoid the “snap to event” and then wait 3 minutes of video to pass so I could see where this kid came from.

4. Rules - I setup a rule to only activate the light between sunset and sunrise if it detects a person. This rule worked, except it ignored the time limitation and came on during the day as well.

5. Notification Overdrive - I get weird “Motion Completed” notifications. The quality of the motion detection may be faster, but it still is lame and not any better than I got with v3, in fact, it might be worse than v3. I disabled notifications for vehicles, because it kept sending me notifications for vehicles detected the leaves laying on my grass. But I kept getting vehicle notifications, so I had to disable all notifications.

6 - Wyze Web - It doesn’t work on the new Wyze web view, but my v3 works fine.

The image quality is amazing and I love it. But other than that, it’s a joke of a product.

I have another v3 Pro sitting on my desk, to replace the unit in the backyard, but until this stuff is fixed, it’s a paper weight.


The V3 is an outdoor camera.


I am also disappointed. That I can’t use the 25 ft cables I have run if only the the same V3 connection . I have to stay with the v3

To be honest, I’m disappointed with the whole company. Fair enough that the camera doesn’t work as advertised, or that it has special firmware quirks etc… I’m not really interested in it after it fails to deliver. I just want to return it. But that’s not possible because when I put my order number in to generate a return shipping label Wyze can’t find the order #. The order number that they send you upon confirmation of payment at that. Clicking contact wyze on the bottom of the invoice sends you to an email address that says no-reply@Wyze.com, this company just seems like a scam from my point of view at this point. I’ve called the support number and have been on hold for 13:47 minutes so far. I’m thinking my best bet may to just dispute the charges with my credit card company. This just feels like a paypal or wish scam company at this point.


I had to shave down my V3 cable (it’s connected to my light socket power outlet).

You also can’t control the socket from the V3 Pro…

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I am so very glad I did not fall for the marketing and order one of these. I was waiting to find out if it supported WPA3 security before I was willing to drop 50 hard earned dollars. Even though this camera was just released and has “PRO” in its name, it still depends on WPA2 WiFi security, which is over 15 years old and has VERY well known vulnerabilities. WPA2 is a joke!

Another failed product launch from WYZE = PAR. Sorry forum fan boys and girls, there is no excuse for this.


My V3 pro on micro SD doesn’t record sound for events. Motion works, but zero audio no setting changes helps.

I advise calling support and requesting a replacement.

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So you are upset that a generic cable will not fit the Wyze camera and think that is Wyze’s fault?

I have several long microUSB cables that I had to modify to fit various products.

The v3 is an indoor/outdoor camera.

I don’t own the v3 Pro so I am of no help there.

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I plugged my V3 Pro into a 25 foot generic USB extension cable. USB A Male end of the extension plugged into the provided power adapter and the USB A Male end of the provide camera cable into the USB A Female end of the extension. Works great, no need to modify the micro USB end of the cam cable. :grin:



The smart answer.

I ordered a pair of these on October 28, under their “sale” price. Status went from “Pending” to “Unfulfilled” today. I filed a service request a week ago, asking what’s going on. No reply.

I’m going to cancel the order after this post.

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  1. I had the same issue with CamPlus, It took a full day to settle in as I transferred it from my V3 to V3Pro. I also unpaired CamPlus and paired again on one of the 4 cameras to resolve the event recording issue as it was just giving me 0 second recordings.

  2. I am using a USB Cable that is 40ft long and ribbon style. It has rounded end on the MicroUSB and fit perfectly into my Camera, I was worried at first that it wouldn’t fit because I have the cable mounted via staples from the inside of my garage to the outside, however it fit perfectly and the gasket made it tight so the waterproofing is intact.

  3. I did not have any issues with SD card playback. I am running 128GB Kingston brand MicroSD Cards that I had in my V3 Cameras.

  4. Wyze Web View sucks that it doesn’t work.

  5. I have a issue with V3 Pro series where WiFi signal lower than -65db, the camera drops WiFi and then requires restart to re-connect. Did not have this issue with V3. I have tested and -65db seems to be the limit, as all the other cameras are between -60db to -63db, not lower so I had to install a node despite my mesh network being robust that no other device suffers from signal including all my IoT switches etc.

I do wish Wyze would get their act together with quality assurance, clearly they do not have such a department because there are wayyy too many little things that are wrong with their products, like the V3 that have the audio issue which never resolved, Thankfully V3Pro does not suffer from Audio issue.

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If youre running a mesh network ive had success with assigning my V3 to a specific node. I found that the access points handing off the camera to each other caused issues as well. So it may not be your signal strength thats causing the issue but perhaps the mesh network in general. I tried assigning my V3pro to the nearest node only. Originally it did help extend the amount of time the camera stayed online. But only by an hour or so. Then the camera would shut off. Same thing id have to power cycle the camera to get it back on and repeat. In this regard my problems were not fixed. But i do appreciate the effort and thanks for the info.

It is disappointing that they would ship the v3 “pro” without being able to stream on the web even though it looks like it should. It doesn’t give you the message about not being compatible like the outdoor cameras do. I’m sure this will be fixed soon.
The issue with the snapping only happens if you zoom in on the timeline. You can still scrub seconds in the not zoomed in view to fix that issue. it would be nice if you got a snap when you passed it to let you snap to it if you want but it is a little annoying when there are a lot of events close together and you’re trying to get between them in the zoomed view. The alternative seems to work fine though if you just zoom back out.

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I have the same issues with the v3 pro. Constantly have to power cycle cameras, siren does not work properly with the 40 foot usb cable i have run to it. Cable didnt fit snugly into the back of the camera. Had a rain storm last night and now camera has water at the connection point on back of camera. Im hoping it dries out but i probably now have a 50 dollar paper weight.

I ordered two of these on 10/27 and they still haven’t shipped.

I’m using two of these, had them on my V3 and now on V3P, no issue, perfect fit:

MOYEEL 40FT Flat Power Extension Cable Compatible with Wyze Cam/Wyze Cam Pan,Yi Camera,NestCam Indoor,Blink XT Camera,Netvue Cam,USB to Micro USB Charging Cord for Home Security Camera https://a.co/d/hXWFxrV

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And this is a ding against Wyze?

Have you checked for available power AT THE CAMERA? Many cheap cables use the smallest wire gauge available, which translates to voltage drop. As with anything electronic, if the camera isn’t getting the proper voltage and amps, it won’t work right.

Many users here have multiple Wyze products and have little or no issues with them. I have 27 Wyze cameras (18 v3 / 8 WOC / 3 v2, the scale, the doorbell, the air purifier, 6 plugs, Buds Pro, and probably something I forgot.

Once in a while I have to power cycle the v2 cameras.

Most connection problems can be traced to router issues, again not Wyze’s fault.

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I have two extension cables from this brand, though mine are 30 feet. Neither one of them want to plug into my new v3 Pro camera. So YMMV with this brand.