V3 Pro - water intrusion

Big rainstorm last night and now have a v3 pro with water inside. you can hear it when you shake it.
When I went to investigate why the cam was offline, I found it repeatedly clicking and saying “ready to connect”. I was made sure to use the USB cable that came with it and make sure it was seated properly. Anyone else had this issue yet?


Did you mount the camera upside down? Sometimes water can pool up on the bottom and seep in through the micro sd card slot. Also, are you using the included cable, or one that fits in snugly?

You could try taking the sd card out and opening the slot, removing the power cable, and setting it out in the sun or a bag of rice.

I have been suspect of the way the power cord connects since I got mine, although there are other ways for water to get in.

I would immediately contact Customer Support for a warranty replacement due to defective seals.

If you are in the mood to dry it out though, Silica Gel Beads are highly recommended for electronics dessication.

proper orientation, right side up using provided usb cable. Shaking the unit, water seems to exit from the rear speaker area.

Support was contacted yesterday and had a replacement order in within 1 hour. They requested the old cam to be sent back and it in the mail already. Just wondered if other units had same issue.


I’m not an expert and I don’t own a v3Pro, but from what I have “seen”, the v3Pro looks like it’s been poorly designed for outdoor use. The v3’s pigtail looks much better design as it has performed really well in Canadian harsh weather for all my five v3’s. I think I’m going to wait for a v3Pro version 2. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just want to add that the v3’s pigtail allows you to create a drip loop so the water doesn’t reach the camera’s guts :slight_smile:

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You can still form a drip loop on the V3Pro cord, the problem I noticed was that the V3Pro relies on an O-Ring inside the Female MicroUSB port for moisture protection. That seal is at the bottom of the port well. Water can still pool around the plug at the top of the well. Not a good design.

I am also not getting more V3Pros until they prove out their durability and reliability above and beyond the current standard set by the V3. At twice the price they should be twice as durable and reliable.

The V3’s benefit comes from it’s 100% factory sealed pigtail where it enters the case. No place for water to pool there. :+1:

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That is why I am following this thread. I’d love a 2K cam, but from what I’m gathering here, the v3 PRO is not mature yet. I’ll just follow the thread until all (almost) bugs have been ironed out. Than I’ll replace my v3’s.

Not sure why Wyze thought was a good idea to steer away from a rock solid design???


I have 5 v3 Pro cams mounted outside. All are facing at a ~40° downward angle (speaker facing skyward) and fully exposed to the elements. Two are connected via aftermarket 20’ cables, one via a 14’ cable, one via a 25’ cable and one via the Wyze-supplied cable. One has been running 24/7 for over 6 months, the others a few weeks. I ensured a tight micro-USB cable fit by pressing the connector in firmly and also made a driploop in the cable at the cam end. Perhaps Wyze had a bad batch of v3 Pro cams? Thanks for the heads-up… will be monitoring my newest cams closely for leakage.


I have the same issue. I upgraded 3 of my v3s to Pros and water got in through the micro usb port and also damaged the Wyze 128gb SD card. Old pigtail design was superior on regular v3 version. v3 Pro is not water-tight. If you blow through the micro-usb port to get the water out it comes right through the SD card slot. When I get the replacement I plan to apply silicone caulk around the usb wire after plugging it on.

From looking at the Wyze Cam 3 Pro on-line it looks like the basic design is the same as the V3. So from experience I can say for sure the V3 design shouldn’t be mounted upside-down in wet environments. When upside down water pools on the bottom of the camera around the reset and memory card door slot. Even though both are covered by a rubber gasket they are not water tight and they both will allow water in.

When right side up the camera works much better but even then over a long period of time I have had Wyze replace multiple cameras. The good news is that today they just sent me a replacement for a camera they already replaced once before. So as long as you have issues even if your beyond the first year of ownership they appear to continue to send you new cameras.

Hopefully at some point they will make ones that really are good in the wet but for now I guess we just keep replacing them every eight months or so.

The V3 Pro has not been out for 6 months.

I understand that. I said it is based on the same design. And has the same water flaws. They don’t have a good seal on the memory card or reset button. So if mounted upside down I am confident the pro will also fail very quickly as the V3 non pro do.

I hope the V4 are a true outdoor camera as the fact I have replaced both of mine due to water shows that they are not very waterproof.

The saving grace is that they will replace them when they fail.

Some users are afforded early access in exchange for testing. You can sgn up for beta testing (hardware) here: Become a Beta Tester Be sure to complete the extended/advanced profile section.

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Try squirting some dielectric grease liberally into the slot where the USB cable connects to the camera. This should prevent water intrusion. I have been doing this for years with my BLINK camera and did it with my new V3 pros. I have not had connectivity issues at all.

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I had this same problem… In my case the camera is mounted right-size up, and I have a drip loop with the power cable before entry… However, I think since this version of the camera does not have the separated power cable / pigtail off the back with additional rubberized protection for the Micro USB connection, water came in that way. Camera repeated ready to connect, I paired it, it might stay active for an hour or so and died. I brought it indoors and put it in a sealed container with rice for a week, and put it over a furnace grate so it would get some warm air, that did not help.

Wyze did replace it under warranty, but I think there’s a fatal flaw with the power delivery of this camera compared to the other outdoor rated models… I would suggest a redesign on the power cable entry.

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What’s the warranty on these? I have the same exact problem whizzysyr had, rain entered both of my cameras in the power plug connection, one eventually completely died, the other one is stuck in this “ready to connect” state.

One Year

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Warranty is good for for one year. But, note in the warranty policy that Wyze chooses how to deal with the warranty: replace or refund… And how they refund:

Wyze will, at its sole option, either (a) replace any defective product or component, or (b) accept the return of the product and refund the money actually paid by the original purchaser for the product (i) to the payment method used by the purchaser, (ii) as a Wyze store credit, or (iii) as a gift card.