V3 Pro - water intrusion

That is quite sad. Would an enclosure help? Such as the birdcage type?

Nope, it’s the lense itself and covering the lense is not an option.

The lenses I have replaced, so far haven’t failed.
So obviously the replacement lenses (non-Wyze) have better glue or sealant :roll_eyes:

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Tell Forest Kitty and all the other critters around your house to stop “Watering” the cams. :rofl:

Perhaps if some lawyer would take the case as a class action something might change but I doubt that will happen as it is occurring over multiple camera platforms. Pushing out products quick without long term or accelerated testing is bound to failure and that is what it seems in this case. You could test your product new off the assembly line and get one thing, but after a few months of sun or outdoor element degradation get totally different results. If you have a good test program you will catch it, or if you learn from field failures and actually make adjustments to the testing and / or design… They last for a bit, then they don’t…

t If you’re going to do a class action against a company you need to do it against one that has more money than Wyze.

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