Wyze cam v3 pro soaking wet inside

I live in the netherlands, known for it’s rainy weather.
Wyze does not deliver to the Netherlands…
I have 3 cam v3-pro and this morning I woke up with “ready to connect”
Whut…??? I reinstalled the camera to 3 other wifi networks ( a guest also ) works fine, image clear… but after a while again “ready to connect”
I wanted to do a factory reset and read that you have to remove the sd card so I did.
Water was running out of the camera !!
So I took my second V3-pro and by shaking I heard the water already inside.
It has IP65 rating.
Both cam’s are not more then 4 months old, but no guarantee for water,make them useless and a very expensive presse paper.
Be carefull with this devices !

I was going to say the garantieperiode is one year but now I see it only applies to WYZE products in the U.S. . Maybe the will work when the dry out??

It was beyond repair so I opened it, and it scared me , there was some vulcanisation tape between front and the actual front and some rubber ring…BUT: the backside where the usb port is, there is no rubber at all, and the part with the speaker was not protected against water, there is no rubber between the “window” with the floodlight and if you closely look at the front you see the window at the floodlight, lets say that that is 12 o clock, at 6 o’clock there is the status led. BUT at 3 and 9 there are also small holes, there is no protection at all there, water can run in freely.
I can’t understand why this has the certificate ip65, while there are so many unprotected holes in the casing.

See the red and black wire, there is no rubber or tape,you can look inside

You can see the tiny usb port, there is nothing, the rubber of the cable must protect it but it doesn’t seal it off, idem for the speaker, it isn’t waterproof.

The holes at 3 and 9 o’clock are not covered by the tape.

What a mess. :astonished: I am happy My V3 Pro and most of my other plug in cams are under the house eaves and not exposed to direct rain.
I have 4 of the battery powered WYZE cams and they have all been exposed to direct rain for the last three years without any problems.

Just out of curiosity so we can look for patterns or what to tell other people:

  • How did you have it mounted and positioned?
  • Was the base hanging from a ceiling, or was it against a wall, or was it on a shelf or the ground or something?
  • Was the camera lens pointing slightly upward or downward?
  • Was it using the cord that came with the camera, one of Wyze’s Outdoor power adapters, or a longer 3rd party cord?
  • How was the cord mounted? Did it initially drop and go downward from the camera, or go upward from the camera? Did you have a drip loop?

If enough people answer those questions we can get an idea of patterns and precautions to take.

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That kinda sucks.
I have two V3 Pro cameras and they are both inside (house or car). I do have a bunch of V3 cameras that are outside, but protected under eves. I do have one that is unprotected but the assumption is that it is expendable - same as the V2 that it replaced after about four years. That one is mounted vertical so the uSD card cover is on the bottom.

It was standing on a iron ridge, by its magnetic base, lense facing down under a angle of 45 degrees, cable facing down, original cable looping down to prevent water dripping down into the usb port.

I have a balcony fence of metal, living at the 4th floor, it was just standing on the lowest part, facing down to the floor.