Wyze Cam V3 WiFi range

Wondering if other new V3 owners can verify maximum WiFi range they are getting with their new cams. I just received my first V3 but can not get more than 15ft from an AC1750 router running separate 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz signals. My V2 cams all are getting 20-30 times the distance from router which is comparable to all my other gear on the property. This V3 cam appears to have a serious antenna or hardware issue and very curious if it’s just that I got a dud or if it’s an issue or design flaw that is common to all the new cameras.

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I just set up one V3 outside where i can easily measure the signal strength.
From my router (a Calix, rented from the ISP) the signal goes diagonally through about 15 feet of air space then a typical outside wall about 8" thick (sheetrock, insulation, brick siding) and then another 50 feet or so of air space,
I just measured the signal strength at the V3 and am getting -73 dBm and the camera shows 3 bars of signal strength under device info. That’s using the Android app WiFi Analyzer by vrem.

I rent my router from the ISP because EVERY time I had a problem the locals would blame it on my equipment. Now I just tell them to replace their equipment.

Wow, that is super helpful!! Thanks! I’m now pretty confident that I must be experiencing a simple hardware issue such as my unit having a disconnected antenna inside or other hardware issue that would prevent normal reception. Much obliged!

Did you happen to have any success finding something to solve your issues? I just got my cameras and having horrible time getting them to stay connected 20 ft from the house and only a window for the signal to travel through. Measured the dBm at both locations that I want to install at and have a -58 and -63. That is a very strong signal strength and very sufficient to support these cameras. The app just keeps telling me to “Cycle Off” power repeatedly. Anybody got anything on this?

Can’t give you any specific signal strength numbers but I also have shorter range with my V3 than my V2s. Probably about 2/3-3/4 of the same range.

Just as an update, I had the camera that was giving me such range issues replaced for a new unit and the new one works great. I took apart the old unit and found that they no longer have the same kind of antenna as the V2. The V3 utilize a perm. antenna that is soldered to the board. Mine had a faulty solder connection causing the poor range. If you have range that low, I would encourage you to ask for a replacement like I did, as it solve my issue and my new unit is able to connect over 100 feet from my router now.


I just received my first V3 today and had the exact same issue… I can’t get further than 5 meters from the router without the cam losing connection. Thanks for your pioneering work, I’ll follow your lead and ask for a replacement. :+1:

You bet! I think there’s just a small percentage that are being “cold soldered” so the internal antenna never gets properly connected. I’ve had the same thing happen with a few of my laptops when the wifi antenna inadvertently pops off inside. It was quite an ordeal to get that little camera apart but fun to see their design… Best of luck with your replacement and hopefully it will solve your issue.

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