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Hello everyone. I am a complete noob to the Wyze Cameras but not to Wifi security in general. After having battled endlessly with our current Nest system, I am giving up on them and moving on. My questions about the Wyze V3 and overall system are this: 1.) what sort of Wifi range will I get with the base station indoors and my camera outdoors? Currently, I’d estimate that my current camera is approx 35-40 ft from my router… BUT, I needed an extender for reliable (I use that word loosely with the Nest) connectivity. Can I expect the same sort of range issue with the Wyze camera? My second question: can both myself and my wife access the app and images (her on iOS and me on Android)? Will we both get notifications? Lastly, The cloud storage is subscription-free with a 14-day limit. I assume this is just a rolling 14-day cloud storage? Thanks for your help!

The V3 has the weakest WiFi signal of all the Wyze cams as I found when I upgraded from V2’s to V3’s

The WiFi signal getting outside depends on many factors such as the type of exterior walls and windows the signal may propagate out from. I set up my Aunt’s home with outside V3’s and she has an older home with stucco (cement) exterior which acted like a Faraday cage literally.

At my home I had to install additional Mesh wireless access points for the V3’s to get signal, in places the V2’s had worked for years. Also at my Aunt’s home 2 Outdoor Mesh wireless access points were needed so the cameras would get a good signal. So you will likely need that extender or upgrade to a mesh system with multiple WAP’s.

If you use same account on both devices you will have access to your cameras from any device, both will get notifications, etc…

Yes the storage is rolling 14-day period, however note that the FREE 14-day cloud storage is very limited in that it will only record 12 seconds, then wait 5 minutes (cool down period) before the next cloud recording can take place. That is why Cam Plus is needed to be subscribed to for better service.

If an SD card is installed you can get the videos of events that happen in full and even during cool down period but you will only get notifications for that 12 second clip on the cloud and not during events recorded to the SD card.

The Free 14 day is a tease, and a lot of user get the Cam Plus…

The Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) is junk and has too many issues, just search the forum.
The Wyze Doorbell is not exactly that good either as it still has issues too.

The Wyze cam V2 and Pan Cam are good units and allow RTSP

The Wyze cam V3 is a GOOD unit also and image quality is better too, but it does not have RTSP at this time. (Most users do not use RTSP anyway)

I didn’t find much range difference between V2s and V3s. The first batch of V3s however, were very sensitive to voltage fluctuations. and would kill the connections, so much that I used to power my V3s from the USB-A ports at the back of V2s. This was fixed by later firmware releases.

One of my V3s is still powered this way. I’m too lazy to take out the ladder to fix it.

Using my mesh WAP’s management webpage there was a definite difference over signal strength from V2’s to V3’s anywhere from 2-5 dB difference was seen with cameras being in same exact location.

Many others have posted about the V3 being weaker in the WiFi compared to the V2.

All my cameras are on a very stable power system so that is not an issue for me.
Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications

I’m on a large corner lot, and two V3s are on different streets, on diametrically opposite corners. They used to be V2s. Whatever slight differences didn’t matter when I switched. And I don’t even use mesh routers.

I have 4.5 acres and the distance was much farther I would imagine than your cams, the dB readings don’t lie :grin:

Worst case V3 camera is over 185 feet from nearest Wireless Access Point

You win. But how any people here have that kind of acreage?

I see apartment people who complain that they can’t drill holes through the walls.

I think most people who have V3 connection issues are using the crappy routers supplied by their ISPs.

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I’ve had great luck replacing the antennas on wyze v2 and v3 to either 6db or 8db gain and it definitely helps. I’ve purchased a 12db gain external antenna to get some range on my acreage. I wanted to mod some v3 pans with externals but the thing is had to get apart.

Amen to that. I bough to your wisdom :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

I just hope everyone out there is as observant as you are my friend. Robust WiFi network is an all cure for 90% of Wyze issues.