How Can I Increase Range on Outdoor Use of Wyze CamV3?

I’m using a Wyze Cam V3 (indoor/outdoor) to monitor my driveway. The connectivity of the camera is extremely iffy and often I go days without it connecting to my indoor router. What can I do to improve the reliability of the connection to this camera? Thanks !

Add another Wireless Access Point closer to location, or use a WiFi extender, or as I have setup a Mesh WiFi System with extra satellite Wireless Access Points (some are even weatherproof)


Thank you ! My garage doors have foil-backed insulation on the inside to help keep out heat and I suspect the signal is having trouble getting through the rock or insulated exterior. I’ll do some research on wifi extenders.

Probably the issue as I setup a system at my Aunt’s home which was 1970’s stucco exterior with the wire mesh behind stucco which made a great faraday cage.

Adding a mesh Wifi system fixed that for her setup.

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Well first of all what level do you have your wifi at? Ours is mounted in our office on the wall at 12 feet,and we have cams in front and out back and work just fine and we have the power set on Hi…

At my Aunt’s we did try elevating the WiFi router but the Stucco / Wire Mesh 1970’s construction quality was a true Faraday Cage so to speak.

Had to go to a Mesh WiFi system to get all her cameras up and with a good WiFi signal.

Something to be said about the quality of home construction back then as compared to these days.
Even her cellphones have low signal indoors and require a internet connected micro-cell provided by her cellphone carrier to operate well.

Copy our house has 2×6 walls,and has foil rap we live in the desert and it gets 120 + in summer so I know what you mean like in a metal can

I wouldn’t expect that to be as much of an issue. I live in a mobile home with a metal roof, metal siding, metal underpinning, at until recently, metal blinds in all the windows, but my exterior wireless cameras were still able to get WiFi.

You might also want to consider a powerline extender with WiFi at the other end.

If you decide to go mesh, I believe Orbi is one of the few consumer mesh systems that offers an outdoor-rated satellite unit.

@kae4560 - Indeed Orbi does have weatherproof outdoor Mesh WiFi Satellites I have one in use.

I would mount the hub up as Hi as you can