Using a Wyze V2 as an outdoor cam

I just did a modification to the V2 using both a rubber stubby antenna and a larger WiFi aluminum yagi antenna. The camera is in a 3rd party outdoor housing. I compared the range using the small exterior antenna to my new Wyze Outdoor Cam and got much better range and signal all the way to my entrance gate here in the country. I imagine that is at least 60 yards. The V2 worked using a WiFi extender with two small rabbit ears antennas on top of it perched in my window, thus eliminating the need to run an Ethernet cable around my room from a closet where the router is. (My house is not wired for ethernet.) So with better range using the V2 and a wireless WiFi extender in the window, I have a better outdoor camera. With permanent power provided to the V2 using a solar panel and a plastic ammo box for the electronic: a solar controller and a 12V to 5V converter, my V2 is virtually autonomous, self-sustaining. I’ve experimented using the yagi antenna and gotten over 150 yards, so far. But I’m wondering how much further I could get with another yagi connected to a modified WiFi extender. The yagi does have to be firmly held in place directly aimed back toward the extender at the house. I should note that in comparing the Outdoor Cam I did run an Ethernet cable alongside the wall to my window to test the Outdoor Cam base with the Outdoor Camera. The V2 was better.
I would love to see someone try an exterior antenna on the Outdoor Cam now. I just don’t know yet what frequency the base and Outdoor Cam use.
If I can modify the WiFi extender I have and connect a larger exterior antenna thru it, I imagine my range would even be further. Again, I’m using the WiFi extender in my window since I don’t have an Ethernet cable to connect to at my window for the Outdoor Cam base. When it is in the closet with my router I get poor range because that signal has to go thru at least two walls. I’m in a metal building so that makes it even more imperative to have something in a window for outdoor range. Meanwhile, I do still really like the Wyze Outdoor Camera. It is wireless and easy to set anywhere to monitor anything, even outside along the porch.
My questions for the community are:

  1. Has anyone else tried using the V2 as an outdoor cam as I have?
  2. Has anyone yet tried or considered adding an exterior antenna to the Outdoor Cam to increase range.

Oh, two more points:
YOU CAN plug the base into a WiFi extender in a window and avoid finding a way to get an Ethernet cable to it. Works great for me.

YOU CAN put a cell phone in the ammo box with other electronics, like your battery, 12V to 5V converter and solar controller, anyplace, such as way off in a distant pasture, in a hotel room, use it as a hotspot, and have a live remote video feed right to your app.


Did you make the antenna, plans? Purchase model #?

Standard WiFi yagi. Found one on Amazon for about $13. You can see it in my photos.

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Yes, saw the pix. Didn’t know there was one at such a good price. Think may have found it on Amazon. Thank you. . .
Did you find some elements misaligned as some comments mentioned?
Are you an Amateur Radio operator?

I was looking at trying a similar yagi antenna or the grid antenna in the second link.
How did you connect your antenna to the camera and did you use any sort of signal booster with the antenna? I am trying to achieve almost 1,100’ (almost 1/4 mile). I am open to using an antenna at both ends (camera and router) .
Thank you

This appears to similar to antenna pictured.
Yagi Antenna

24dbi gain parabolic mesh antenna

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I have doubts about using any kind of amplifier with an extender. I don’t even know of one that would work. Here are the instructions on YouTube for placing a plug for the external antenna. Wyze Cam V3 External Antenna Install - YouTube
For going that distance I would immagine the yagi on both ends would be required with some very careful aiming to get the signal where it needs to go. You’d have to secure those yagis well, too, so they don’t move.

I am getting over 970’ using a yagi antenna. It’s not amplified. It is attached to the camera and pointed back toward the router.

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