Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 - Signal Range? Standalone features?

Just out of curiosity, does the new camera have an better signal range? The V1 is good, just wondering if the V2 was increased at all?
My office is upstairs in the back of the house. The camera is outside about 25 yards away and I use it as a trail camera. It has two bars for signal strength. I’m wondering how far I can get them into the woods…
If I put one in the back of my property with a solar panel, where it cannot connect to the base, did I read where I can connect to it directly with my phone? Then I could download the pictures that are stored on the SD card? Or will the camera only work when connected live to my phone? These are cheaper and better quality than most trail cameras!!!

I have a wco v2 in my shed that’s about 25 ft away from my router . The base station is halfway , I receive the notifications around 10-20 seconds

It has 3 bars of signal strength…

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