Ver 3 Pro VS Ver. 4. differences

I am a beta tester myself, care to shed some light as to who is paying me to fix bugs?

Thought of that but no it’s a connection issue. It doesn’t make any difference what resolution it is set to the thing just has a hard time connecting and staying connected.

That said it “might” have something to do with the Wyze Socket it is connected to power through. For whatever reason the Accessories option in the camera doesn’t recognize the socket. The v4 might not work with the socket … I never checked so am not sure,

I’ll try power cycling the whole thing when I get home tonight.

I suggest testing the V4 using its power brick at about the same place, eliminate the socket and to try to replicate the problem.

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It happens… you’re only human… hmm, you could be a AI Bot though that Wyze is developing… :joy: Just kidding my friend.

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I was actually going to purchase the v4 with the special pricing going on and I happened to come across this: LV-PWB5W-5G-2PK Do a search and look at the specs of this 2 pack.

Researching it and i’m quite impressed with it when comparing it to any of the Wyze cams. It’s currently at a 30% off discount. Anyone have any thoughts comparing spec wise?

Shhhhhhh… the day of my revealing is not yet ready.

Also, don’t listen to any of the guys on here who claim to have done video calls with me before any LLM AIs were released. They’re in on it too. :wink: