Wyze Cam v3 Pro: The 2K smart camera you've been waiting for

Already happening!

Note this quote in the most recent V2\PanV1 firmware update thread:

I am still searching for any mention of it being snuck into the V3, but given that it has more processor than the V2, I would only have to believe it is coming.

The last AMA mentioned they were moving to more native FW AI.

I don’t believe this is entirely correct. I think only Person Detection AI is going to be on the cam. The rest will require CamPlus and those will still be done by the server.

Person Detection w\ CamPlus will be done by both to increase accuracy.

Yes. All notifications are server based triggered by a motion or AI event logged on your account at the server. To get the notification, the event still must go to the server and go to your Events List. All your notification settings are also on the server.

It should speed them up for Person Detections since the event is entering the server with a PD tag already from the cam.


Geez Louise, talk about burying a lede. Thanks @SlabSlayer ! So 2 years later Wyze has finally recreated what they lost when Apple and Xnor screwed them over? Nice.

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Yes. Not sure that was supposed to be put out there, but indeed it was. It created a bit of a buzz at the time.

This is certainly in line with the statement by Wyze in a previous AMA that they were moving toward cam based Edge AI again. And now with it announced in the V3Pro, the proverbial cat :cat2: is out of the bag :shopping:!

Would love for them to be able to rub Apple’s nose in it!

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So… while I gather there have been issues… Have users reported successful and fast person detection with the local / Edge AI firmware on V2s and Pan Cams? If so I’m sorry I missed it. I saw a thread about possible forced updates but didn’t catch this major improvement…

Oops. Guess not. According to the FAQ you linked they will NOT be allowing Edge AI on any other cameras after all?

Can I also get free Person Detection on other cameras?

No, Wyze Cam v3 Pro utilizes a powerful Edge AI microprocessor that our other cameras do not have. No other Wyze cameras can support on-board Person Detection without the cloud.

And they’re imposing an artificial 5 minute cooldown even though detection is local. :frowning:

Not sure about the depth and scope of the Edge AI in the V2\Pan FW as it is still a new development. The FW is turning out to be a bit unpalatable anyway.

Yeah. Gotta get the CP to get away from the 5 min timeout. It is just as artificial here as it is now in the other cams. All server driven based on events logged to the account.

The way our Edge AI works is essentially like a filter for the cloud AI. If the v2 says “I 4% think this is a Person” then we run the cloud model to verify it. This happens often.

The thing is though, the older cameras have to run vaguer models and they simply are not a good experience for Person Detection without the cloud AI to verify low-confidence cases. The v3 Pro has a really powerful dedicated coprocessor that can run a decently-sized model that we feel comfortable with the accuracy of, and that’s why we offer the free PD on this model.


How does the AI determine what a person is?

Is it a certain change of pixels or the shape of a body…?

Will this latest camera support WPA3 WiFi security that was ratified in 2018 or is it still going to rely on 18 year old WPA2 security that has well know security holes/vulnerabilities?

For < $50.00 anyone can own a device that will prevent ALL WPA2 secured devices from connecting to their WiFi network.

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Thanks for the reply and explanation, @WyzeJimmy ! I do recall that the original Xnor code was so iffy that I didn’t even try to rely on it at the time. The current Wyze “cloud” person detection has been nearly 100% accurate for me for a couple of years now.

It’s still unfortunate that you’re not currently allowing that new local person Edge AI on the V3 Pro to send notifications without a cooldown; the only server cost is routing a few bytes for the notification to the app. :frowning:

Still a nice new model though.

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I think while it’s great this camera has a built in light, I fear it will have the same software issues as their other cameras and still have the same terrible sound quality. Maybe Wyze should focus on fixing the software first. And $50 for a 2K camera seems expensive to me, should have made it 4K.

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Say we dont want people to know where the camera is so they think to destroy it once the light turns on. Is there a way to disable to spotlight? And if so how good is the nightvision compared to the V3 starlight sensor WITHOUT using the spotlight?

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Eufy has updated their server using AI edge. Nit very good at the moment. still a lots of learnng curve. I would susoect Wyze will be the same. prepare for more firmware 1433 episodes.

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Is there a tech specs side-by-side comparison somewhere akin to what Apple does letting you compare current and recent models of their products? It looks like the specs listed for the v3 Pro include things that aren’t mentioned on the v3 regular page, but I would love to see the numbers side-by-side.

On a separate note, could I use the power adapter and USB cable from a v3 with the v3 Pro? It would be easier for me to leave everything as-is (it’s taped down and all set up a bit intricately) and just swap the cam unit if possible.

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No, you can’t. The new v3 Pro needs 5V 2Amp power supply. The original v3 power supply is 5V 1Amp.


Yes. The spotlight can be disabled so that it does not come on with motion but can still be manually turned off\on.

I need to know this as well good questions

The starlight should be exactly the same in the V3 Pro as it is in the V3.

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what is the die size of the optic sensor?

Can the V3 Pro operate completely without internet, for example as a dash cam, just recording to card and accessible via app?