Wyze Light Socket USB Port-Question

The description says the light socket only works with the v3 cam because the v1/v2 cams aren’t programmed to communicate with the socket. I just want to use the socket’s USB port to power my v2 cam and be able to use a regular non-Wyze bulb in it. I don’t care about the camera and bulb communicating. So my question is: Can it be used to power other cams?

Unfortunately, the V3 camera controls whether the light socket gets power. So without a V3 the Bulb would always be off. :slightly_frowning_face:

Sounds like you just need to power a V2 cam from a socket.

You can buy an E26 socket adapter with a simple USB power port. I pasted a $23 possibility from nycepower.com below. Since it is made for indoor use it would need to be sheltered from water if used outdoors.

Since the socket will need to be powered 24/7 to keep the Wyzecam alive, you can do one of two things with the Bulb (I’m assuming it’s outdoors, and you don’t want to use the switch on the side of the adapter to turn the Bulb on and off):

  • Use a Wyze Smart Bulb that you can schedule to turn off and on at specific times, at sunrise/sunset, or when your Wyzecam sees motion. If by motion, you can set another rule that turns it off after x minutes.
  • Buy a Bulb that has a sunrise/sunset sensor in it.