Lamp Socket with Wyze Bulbs - How to use only power for camera?

I am using Wyze Bulbs with my outdoor lights so that I can control the times and levels. I ordered a few Wyze Lamp Sockets for my cameras but the sockets want to control my lights. How can I turn off the automatic features of the socket and only use the power adapter for my cameras?

You might be better off with a Lamp Socket Charger to power the cams and control the bulbs.

I just saw those this morning looking for other options. Sure seems like this should be an option with the Wyze Socket. Thanks for sharing.

It may be. I don’t use the Wyze Lamp Sockets, so it may still be a possibility. :man_shrugging:

Might want to wait for more feedback before you make a decision.

In the cams settings > accessories, you can turn the socket to ON instead of AUTO. Then it should stay on always, while also always providing the cam power


Thanks that sounds promising. Question. you said “Cams Settings” are you talking about the socket settings?

The socket settings are accessed through the cameras settings > accessories > lamp socket


Thanks much, that is exactly what I was looking for I think. Will test that out. You may have just solved my issue :slight_smile: happy about that. :grinning: