Lamp socket

Can the Wyze lamp socket provide power out the USB port while the light is switched off?

Otherwise, it would only provide power to a camera while the light is on, which is not very useful.

Note: I don’t think this is filed in the best category, but I couldn’t find a better one.


Yes, power goes to the camera full time, and the camera controls the state of the Socket (light).

Thank you!

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Ummmm, to be clear, if you have a wall switch that turns off power to that socket location, there is not going to be any power to the camera…


I have one of those outdoor porch lights that are made to turn on with an indoor light switch… I understand the power needs to be ON, but the particular lamp is a dusk/dawn lamp so the light comes on in the dark only. It also has a motion sensor that makes the light brighter for a set amount of time.

I just hooked up my light socket and am now wondering if this will work the camera and the light the same way???
Can anyone help a girl out with experience or actual Wyze person help?

Thank you.

The socket and camera need constant power. If your light fixture turns off with sunrise then the camera will be offline as well. The dimming function will also create problems since adequate power won’t be available to the camera and in fact, I suspect the dimming function could damage it.


If all that you speak of is within the bulb itself, and your fixture is always powered now, then just screw the bulb into the new Wyze socket, and tell the Wyze app to leave the bulb on always. Then the net difference is you now have an outdoor camera powered by the socket. :slight_smile:

But if that’s the case, you can probably also just buy a socket insert that has a 5V USB output on it to plug the camera into. :wink:

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You made some great points! I am now going to unscrew this bc I do not want to damage the light socket.
I guess I will go buy something generic that doesn’t have those features.
Thank you.

:thinking: I did not know they made sockets with USB! I have one that has a standard plug option and I use it for lights when I decorate for Halloween. I will absolutely be looking into this now. Thank you!

I’m not the best at communicating tech… (My bf gets real frustrated :sweat_smile:).
Let’s forget about the bulb in my porch light for purposes of describing the housing.
Before I had Wyze, I bought this fixture bc of its dusk/dawn/motion detection capabilities. It’s hardwired and that light switch in the house stays on. So the fixture is always getting power.

The bulb will not turn on until dusk. It stays on all night until sunrise. And if the fixture picks up motion, it makes the light brighter for 10 minutes. Then goes back down to normal.

With all that said, I purchased a specific bulb that is bright, but has the ability to blast your eyeballs out of your head when the motion sensor on the fixture is triggered. (I purchased this bulb to illuminate the porch so my cam could record a better scene).

I bought the light socket due to needing to move the camera. So here I am.

I appreciate everyone’s help! Seriously :heart: