Wyze Lamp Socket not working

Hello, I’ve got the lamp socket / V3 combo for outdoor use. I have the porch light switch on all the time. However, the lightbulb only comes on when motion is detected, which means the power only gets to the camera when the bulb actually comes on. Of course, the camera needs time to boot up when it is first turned on, which defeats the purpose. Do I need to buy a different ‘non-motion detection’ porch light?

I suspect so. If I understand, you have a wired socket in place with it’s own motion sensor, thus only applying power to the Wyze socket when there is motion. What the Wyze socket needs is constant power. Then the camera detects the motion.

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Yes, Ive got a couple of lamps like that. If the bulb itself has the motion detection built-in, you can just replace it with a regular bulb. If the lamp has motion detection that controls the bulb externally, it won’t work. The V3 lamp socket has both dusk-to-dawn and motion detection built-in (and sound detection, and scheduling, and…) so it works well with “dumb” lamps/bulbs.

You might consider buying a lamp bulb adapter with an electrical outlet into which you’d simply plug your V3 power plug, as I did before getting the lamp socket, but it’s not as clean a solution (my bulb was then on 24/7, without motion detection or dusk-to-dawn electronics), which can get costly (I used a tiny 7.5W bulb, which then doesn’t do much illuminating), and may create a fire hazard. But these cameras really don’t need much illumination to see well in the dark, anyway.

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