Light socket with outside motion detector

Want to use the light socket to power my V3 outside. However my outside light has a motion detector on it and turns on the light bulb. Will the socket motion detector and dusk to dawn function interfere with the motion detector on the outside light? Will one cancel the other?can I not use those functions on the socket?

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @yolivas!

If you place the Wyze Socket w\ V3 into this light, the light will be off during the daytime and the socket, and V3, will get no power.

At night, the motion detector on the light will be turning on the socket, and the V3, only when there is motion.

The socket requires power 100% of the time to power the V3. If you allow the light fixture’s motion detector to turn the power to the socket on and off, it will also turn the V3 on and off.

The only way the socket and V3 will work in that light is if you disable it’s motion detector so it is on 100% of the time.