Lamp Socket to control indoor lamp

I have a cam V3 installed outside on my front porch. I was looking for a way to turn on the lamp inside the house when motion is detected by that porch camera. This would simulate someone inside the house turning on lights if some motion was detected on the porch and hopefully scare away any potential intruders.

I was trying to do some reading on other threads on this news group, Such as the one linked below. Do I need at least two wyze lamp sockets to achieve this? One lamp socket is required to connect via hardwire to the camera outside. And then we could have a second lamp socket installed indoors in the lamp wirelessly.

Let me know if I’m on the right track here or am I misunderstanding something. I appreciate any comments and input

thank you kindly

@ni9trigga You can use a Wyze Plug. Simply plug in the lamp (left ON). Setup (link) the Wyze Plug to the app and create a rule. For example, When front door cam detects a person, turn on front porch light for 5 minutes. <— In a nutshell example. I have the front porch light on a wyze switch.

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If you are using the Lamp Socket outdoors with the V3 aleady, then yes, a second lamp socket indoors in the lamp, not connected to any V3, can be used linked to the first to be controlled by the V3 outside. But, one of the Lamp Sockets has to be on a controlling V3 in order for them to work.

As @DCinFL has indicated, you can also do this with a Wyze Plug on the lamp triggered by a Wyze Rule when the cam detects motion.

If you don’t yet have any Lamp Sockets, you can do this with the V3 cam by employing two Wyze Bulbs or a combination of a Wyze Bulbs and Plugs.

I don’t have lamp sockets or wyze plugs, so I’m trying to decide which is the best method to achieve my objective as described in my original post. I only have cam V3 installed on porch

My initial gut feel, seems like just buying a Wyze plug & using an ordinary table lamp is easiest and least costly solution. Any thoughts? @DCinFL @SlabSlayer

Thanks for your input

Since your V3 Cam is outside, you would need to purchase 2 Lamp Sockets to do it. One for outside where the V3 is. You would need a socket to screw the Control Lamp Socket in out there to power the V3 and the V3 would run both. So, when it turns on the inside Lamp Socket it would also turn on the outside Lamp Socket. Cost for two = $22 (or cheaper if on sale somewhere)

With a Wyze Plug, no need to mess with the V3. Just install the plug, plug in the lamp, and create a rule. Cost = 2 for $17 (or cheaper if on sale somewhere)

With a Wyze Bulb, screw it into the Lamp, install, program the Rule. Cost = 2 for $17 for the White if you can even find them. Sold out just about everywhere. 2 for $23 for the Color Bulbs.

The plugs seem to be the most economical.

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Totally agree with @SlabSlayer . Wyze Plug + any lamp and make a rule. With multiple plugs, you can make it appear as if you are moving from room to room… Pair it up with Alexa and Alexa will do it for you via guard/away mode.

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Do I need any Wyze subscriptions like Cam Plus to use the Wyze Plug and setup the rules to control a basic indoor lamp?

No. You can set up the Rule to trigger on Motion without a Cam Plus subscription.

However, realize that without a Cam Plus subscription, that rule will not fire when the cam is in a Cooldown status in the 5m after its last upload event. The same goes for a Cam Plus Lite subscription, however that will add the ability for you to set the rule for Person Detection.