Lamp socket hookup question

I have a question about the lamp socket. I post a question in this section because there’s no tag for lamp socket. I install the lamp socket without a V3 camera connected to it and turned on the light which worked. When I go to the wyze app it doesn’t recognize the lamp socket what am I doing wrong? Is the only way to control lamp socket is to hook up a V3 camera to the lamp socket ? I already have another V3 cam that can see the lamp socket I would like to use that V3 cam to control the light socket is that not possible?
I don’t want to hook up a V3 cam to the lamp socket as I already have these three cams throughout the house.

You have to have a V3 camera attached to the socket. The camera is what controls the socket and communicates with the app.


Yea, you need at least 1 v3 plugged into a socket, and it will communicate with other nearby sockets as well.

so i just need 1 v3 on a lamp socket and the other lamp sockets don’t need a v3 and i can control all the lamp sockets that don’t have a v3 attached to them ?

Yes, up to 5 total.

I don’t think Wyze has said the range of them, just keep them around the house and you should be fine.

To ask a somewhat similar question…

I know that one can have multiple Lamp Sockets tied to one V3, as long as one socket is wired.

I’d like to have multiple cameras trigger one lamp socket. Is this possible? What’s the setup?

To take it a step further…what I actually want to do is have two cameras control two lamp sockets. The catch is that I need one of the cameras to NOT be connected to the second lamp socket (due to cable length restrictions). Any ideas? Again…two cameras trigger two lamp sockets, but only one camera connected to a lamp socket. The other camera and socket powered on their own.

This should be possible with rules. You can say when motion is detected on the cam that’s standalone, turn on the lamp sockets on the other cam.

Thanks, @IEatBeans . Only thing is…I can’t figure out how to turn the lamp socket back off after a short period when tuning it on with Rules triggers.