Attaching lamp sockets to Wyze v3 camera

I bought two lamp sockets to attach to the camera outside my garage. I went through the installation process in the app - settings/accessories/lamp socket/i have one installed but it gives me an error saying to check my my wifi connection and unplug the camera. I have done all of this. Anyone run into this issue? Of course, I am aware this could be operator error :slight_smile:
Also, if I want to use the dusk to dawn option with the lamp sockets, do I need a lamp socket in each light bulb for the outside garage lights or just the one attached to the camera?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hey, welcome to the forum!

If I’m understanding correctly it sounds like your camera is not recognizing your sockets. Is that correct?

A few things to check:

Are you using the included cable to connect the camera to the socket?

Are you sure it’s a v3 camera? V3 pros are not compatible. Could you send a picture of your setup including the camera?

Is this happening to both sockets, or do you only have one connected to a camera and the other you intend to pair wirelessly?

If you want to control multiple bulbs they are each going to need a socket connected to them. You can wirelessly pair up to 5 sockets so you only need one camera connected.

Thank you for helping! All of the cables look the same so I honestly don’t know. Do you think I should try another cable? I saved everything so I have them. I’m just not sure which one is which. I’m definitely using a v3, not the pro. When I went into “add new device” to install everything, I clicked on the v3 camera and then tried to add the lamp sockets afterward in the Accessories tab within the camera settings. There is where I received the error.
Thank you again!

The correct cable should have a little wedge on the larger USB A side. This causes it to fit snugly into the lamp socket USB port. Could you provide an image of the usb cable plugged into the lamp socket.

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