Wyze Cam 3 does not work after Lamp Socket

Decided to stop using the Lamp Socket so I removed the Cam v3 and plugged it using a regular USB cable. IT DOES NOT WORK now. It works when I reconnect it to the lamp socket but will no longer work with regular USB cable and plug. I tried resetting it on the Lamp Socket and then plug it back in the regular wall socket and USB cable. . . still does not work.

How can I get it to work without the Lamp Socket.
It was not a package deal, I got the camera separate from the socket.

Does the adapter and cable work with another camera? Sounds like one of them may be bad.

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And if not a power issue, did you try removing the camera from the Wyze app and setting it back up without the socket attached?

I have yet to deploy my sockets, but I have experienced accessories still registering on the camera once removed. In my case, the spotlight.

It took deleting the device and setting it back up for the camera to recognize that the spotlight was no longer attached to the device.

What are the odds of 3 different cables in a row being bad and not powering up the camera.
I took out a new USB cable and power adapter to be sure. You were right it was the cable.

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