Wyze light socket issue, no power while wyze socket plugged in

I just bought 2 wyze light socket to power my wyze cam v3. The issue is that the socket is not providing any power either to the usb port or the light bulb. I’ve tried the socket in one of my lamp inside my house and it seem to work correctly.

I find it strange the my exterior light ( very basic casing with normal light bulb) is not working the wyze socket. The light bulb work correctly without the wyze socket. There’s no sensor on this light like a flood light would have, there is only a basic switch controlling it.

Anyone had similar issues?

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Many have reported that the socket doesn’t screw down completely in the light fixture. Some are using extenders to make the socket work.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. I got my first V3 Cam yesterday and figured I would get the lamp socket to power the cam, because who has outlets on their porch?
I got it set up just fine; was working great for 30 minutes or so. I popped into the Wyze app to check some settings and got an Error code 90; which according to Wyze is something regarding WiFi connectivity. I went to the porch and saw that the cam status light was off. I decided to unhook the cam and plug it into an AC outlet in my house. Worked just fine. I also tested the Lamp Socket inside my house & experienced the same issue; cam not powering on.
They’re sending me a replacement so we’ll see what happens. I am using an LED bulb that has a 10w output but is equivalent to a 60w bulb.

Update: Replacement Wyze Lamp Socket seems to be working fine. I did get a max 30 watt bulb just in case; as the description states that the max bulb wattage is 30 watts.