Lamp socket Black V3 cam

Hi, Is there any reason a lamp socket wont power a black Wyze cam V3?
I have a lamp socket that for for some reason will give power to my white V3 cam but not the one I need it to, a black one.
My white one has a whole other issue, it wont connect to the internet for some reason idk why. So basically I can’t use the lamp socket on that one (unless I can get it to work again.) So, I need it for my black one. The black one works fine plugged into a normal outlet but no power at all on the lamp socket.
They are both plain V3, which Ik is necessary for the lamp socket. The only difference is the black one says “Wyze V3 Black.”
Is there something I missed on the requirements or is there something special I need to do for it to work on the black one.
Thank you very much for any help!